Attack on Titan: after the anime, the manga is adapted in this unexpected new form

As the year 2023 has just begun, anime fans are eager to discover the next nuggets to come. And one thing is for sure, there are big titles that are planned. We recently introduced you the list of the anime next year’s most anticipated, ranging from Jujutsu Kaisen at Vinland Sagawithout forgetting of course the grand finale of The attack of the Titans. And precisely, while fans are eager to discover the sequel to the animated adaptation of the manga of Hajime Isayamasome were able to take their troubles patiently by rediscovering the work in a whole new light, thanks to one of his last adaptations.

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Do we still really need to introduce Hajime Isayama? Probably one of the most famous mangakas of our time, Isayama has become a real international star, and France is no exception to the rule. Last year alone, we could see that his flagship work, namely The attack of the Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin in VO), was now part of the list of French favorite booksbut also and above all that the mangaka would be present at the next edition of the Angoulême International Comics Festivalscheduled for the end of January 2023. Further proof that the Japanese author is now an integral part of contemporary popular culture.

And while many fans are waiting impatiently to finally be able to discover the last part of the adaptation of his manga into an anime, produced by the famous studio MAPPA and whose release is normally scheduled for the current 2023, some were lucky enough to witness the grand debut of a brand new adaptation of Isayama’s work, in the form of a musical.

Announced last September, fans were able to discover this new project in particular through a trailer that you can find just above. The musical began its performances since yesterday in Osakabefore ending with Tokyo for the second half of January.

The staging of the show is provided by Gû Ueki, and as reported ANNthe musical aims to “combining traditional staging and music with the latest technology to recreate the world of Attack on Titan as faithfully as possible”. In particular, the fans were able to have a brief preview of the show thanks to a recent post shared on Twitterbut also the cast of the musical:

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話題沸騰の #進撃ミュ より



January 8, 2023

January 8, 2023

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