Attack on Titan: One game too many for the final season?

news culture Attack on Titan: One game too many for the final season?

Last night, the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan unveiled the last episode of the second part of its final season. But while most viewers expected to see the end of the story, animation studio Mappa announced that a third part was in production for 2023. Overuse of the hype around SNK or the studio’s willingness to adapt faithfully the end of the manga without rushing?


  • A third party to apply or exploit the hype?
  • A final season that drags on?

Clearly, the enthusiasm around The attack of the Titans is not about to falter any time soon. As you might expect, episode 87 of the anime adaptation, broadcast on Sunday April 3, does not offer the conclusion of Hajime Isayama’s work. Instead of that, Mappa, the animation studio in charge of the series, is working on a third part which should be released in 2023leading to mixed reactions within the fan community.

A third party to apply or exploit the hype?

Among the many reactions, some viewers are relieved to know that the ending will not be adapted into one or more films as certain hypotheses implied. With the box office successes of Japanese animated feature films like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Infinity Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0, the rumor had something to be credible. This is all the more the case when we remember another recent pop-culture phenomenon, but in another register, like Game Of Thrones who almost had the right to several films to conclude his story. However, unlike Jujutsu Kaisen 0 which is a prequel and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Infinity Train who adapts an arc relatively early in the story of his manga, it seems more complicated to resume the end of The attack of the Titans in animated films. Given the number of episodes to catch up to understand what is happening, this would exclude too large a part of the public to be broadcast in the cinema.

Attack on Titan: One game too many for the final season?

However, not everyone sees with a very good eye the fact that this Final Season is spread out over so much time. Started at the end of 2020, this last part will finally have its conclusion in 2023, three years later. Faced with this decision, we find two radically opposed reactions. On the one hand, there are those who welcome the news, saying that this choice will allow Mappa to properly conclude this very popular anime, without having to rush the end at the risk of disappointing its viewers. Again, we can cite the case of Game Of Thrones who had been in this situation and whose conclusion had been particularly divided when it was broadcast. On the other, some welcome this news in a much more critical way, considering that it is above all for commercial reasons that a third part is in production. With such a popular anime worldwide, we can imagine that it is interesting for Mappa to exploit this real hen with the golden eggs as much as possible. whose enthusiasm has not diminished over the years, quite the contrary. However, it is far from being the studio’s only successful series, since we recently owe them Jujutsu Kaisen and soon the highly anticipated chain saw man.

A final season that drags on?

Attack on Titan: One game too many for the final season?

To fully understand where this distrust of part of the public comes from, it is necessary to look at certain episodes of the second part. Without spoiler, we can cite for example episode 84 which shows us our group of heroes around a campfire discussing the past the day before a major operation. A fairly calm scene, therefore, which does not advance the plot much, but which does help to develop the state of mind of the characters. It is precisely on this kind of episodes that we are entitled to two different types of reactions. While some consider that Mappa takes its time without rushing, others find that the studio drags on precisely to play the clock, and therefore force a third party. It all depends on the way of seeing things and the feelings of the viewer.

Attack on Titan: One game too many for the final season?

Compared to the first part of the final season, it must be recognized that the adventures follow one another less quickly and that this rhythm does not necessarily please everyone. However, since the start of the final season, the revelations have been numerous to the point of giving new meaning to the work as a whole. In this context, we can understand that Mappa decides to take his time, especially when we know that some anime have seen their endings shipped for different reasons in the past. Without citing very specific examples such as Neon Genesis Evangelionwe can think of the first anime adaptation of Full Metal Alchemist whose conclusion differed completely from Hiromu Arakawa’s manga, to the point that a second adaptation was started five years later with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. In any case, all that remains is to wait until 2023 to see the outcome of The attack of the Titans in anime, while the most impatient can always turn to the manga published in France at Pika.

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