Attack on Titan: part 2 of the finale offers an enigmatic visual

A poster of the event episode was unveiled during the famous studio’s MAPPA Stage, followed by comments from the director a few days later.

On March 4, fans of the animated version of The attack of the Titans finally discovered the beginnings of the home stretch for Eren and his friends. This finale made a lot of noise, because the announcement of a division of this “third part of season 4 into two courses” (it is necessary to follow) made many cringe after a very long wait.

Especially since the second course, which we do not yet know if it will contain several episodes or just a special like the first, will not arrive before the fall of 2023. A long creative process, also justified by the schedule overloaded with MAPPA, which also works, among other projects, on seasons 2 of Jujutsu kaisen or of chainsaw Man.


The calm before the storm

In an attempt to calm the most impatient and give them food for thought, the animation studio recently unveiled an enigmatic visual, which should be the very last before the grand finale. Surprisingly, the image of a small cabin in a peaceful nature contrasts with the atmosphere posed by the latest episode.

A closer look, however, reveals two shadows of menacing titans, with a Japanese text accompanying the image, subject to interpretation: “See you later, Eren”. Very strange words, for who has not read the original manga by Hajime Hisayama, now “retired”.

End of season in autumn

The director in charge of the anime adaptation commented on this visual, opening up the field of possibilities and giving fans some food for thought. He explains that the apparent emptiness of this poster is voluntary. He thus hopes to make the brains of future spectators work, for this conclusion that he himself no longer hoped for.

From then on, the perspectives are multiple, between conclusion literally faithful to the manga, or, on the contrary, opposite footing which could satisfy those disappointed with the original.

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