Attack on Titan releases new first season footage

The last episodes of The attack of the Titans are only a few days away, ready to end the world that made us discover the bloody war between Paradise and Marley. With the manga series ending last year, Studio MAPPA has its work cut out for it as some of the franchise’s biggest moments have yet to happen. Now, new images for the show’s return have arrived, giving fans a better idea of ​​what’s to come as Eren Jaeger watches Marley’s army.

The last time we saw the forces of The Scout Regiment, they were placed between a rock and a hard place, having to contend with the fallout from Eren Jaeger’s new location that would worryingly eradicate the power of the Titans from the world. Creating what is essentially a cult now known as the Jaegerists, Eren and his brother Zeke attempt to use the power of the founding Titan to sterilize the Eldian race with the goal of eradicating the Titans from the world once and for all. With the nation of Marley descending on Heaven, Eren has locked up his old friends and now watches Reiner and the army behind him.

Twitter Outlet Attack On Titan Wiki shared new images from the first to second half of The attack of the Titans fourth season, immersing viewers in the intense battle between the three factions who all have different ideas about how the world should be as the dark epic draws to its conclusion:

Studio MAPPA was the animation studio responsible for the fourth season of Hajime Isayama’s dark anime adaptation, also balancing work on Jujutsu Kaisen and the next one Man with chainsaw series, having taken the reins from Wit who worked on the first three. With rumors that the second half of the season may only have a dozen episodes, many fans are wondering if the entirety of The attack of the Titans the final story can fit into the TV series or if a movie could be in the works to tell the story of the final battle.

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