Attack on Titan: Why isn’t this masterpiece part of the Dark Trio? melty

By Yone

Attack on Titan shares some commonalities with the manga now known as the Dark Trio. But why is Hajime Isayama’s series not part of this trio?

It was in the early 2010s that the public discovered The attack of the Titans. At the time, the title completely revolutionized the world of manga and later that of Japanese animation. Readers discover a series dark, violent and far removed from the titles with which they had been able to grow up as One Piece, naruto or Bleach. Still today, The attack of the Titans holds a sacred place in the hearts of audiences, whether Japanese or international. However, since the end of Hajime Isayama’s masterpiece, other licenses have managed to stand out.

Three of them have also inherited a specific nickname, the Dark Trio. Jujutsu Kaisen, Hell’s Paradise And chain saw man, each adapted into anime by studio MAPPA, have taken the otaku world by storm with spooky, dark, and violent stories. Character traits that are also found in The attack of the Titans, who is not yet part of this new trio. We explain to you why the most popular series of recent years cannot be compared with the Dark Trio.

Attack on Titan was a true precursor

If the Dark Trio bears this specific nickname, it is because of their more violent and bloody concept than their colleagues. Their respective histories provide a stark contrast to those of older franchises like dragonball or those of the Big Three of the 2000s. The attack of the Titans is not part of this trio, it is in particular because of its release date.

Indeed, the titles that make up the Dark Trio all began their serialization in 2018. In contrast, Hajime Isayama’s series, which was nearing the end, debuted in 2009, almost 10 years before Jujutsu Kaisen, Hell’s Paradise And chain saw man. Therefore, one could almost consider that The attack of the Titans could belong to both the Big Three and the Dark Trio. But the series’ early period isn’t the only reason that separates the Dark Trio from Isayama’s creation.

The concept of Attack on Titan is completely different from that of the Dark Trio titles

The attack of the Titans

The concept of the Attack on Titan manga is very different from that of the titles that make up the Dark Trio.

If we want to be honest, the stories and concepts of the Dark Trio are relatively close to the realm of horror and the supernatural. The presence of demons and monsters of all kinds could also bring these series closer to franchises like Bleach Or Yu Yu Hakusho. This is also one of the biggest common points between the three series. But for The attack of the Titanseverything is fundamentally different.

In fact, the scenario The attack of the Titans has no fantasy basis and its storyline could be closer to science fiction than anything else. Despite their immense size, the Titans might make us think more of zombies from a post-apocalyptic series than demons or yokai. It is therefore particularly complicated to put the series of the Dark Trio in the same category as the series of Hajime Isayama. Although the story of The attack of the Titans is completed in manga format, there is still a part of the anime to discover. Plus, the series has had such an impact on the industry that it’s a safe bet we’ll be hearing about it for many years to come. Will this also be the case for the titles that form the Dark Trio?