Attack on Titans: the last episode postponed, the end of the anime delayed!

news culture Attack on Titans: the last episode postponed, the end of the anime delayed!

Considered one of the major manga of the last decade, Attack on Titan sees its anime adaptation end at the start of the year. Currently being broadcast, the second part of the season has already fallen behind schedule.


  • Attack on Titan: new release date for the last episode
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Attack on Titan: new release date for the last episode

Since January 9, the anime The attack of the Titans has entered its home stretch: the second part of season 4, synonymous with the end of the work, has since been broadcast on Crunchryoll and Wakanim. The opportunity for those who have not read the manga (completed since 2021) to catch up and put an end to the work of Hajime Isayama. Scheduled for March 27, the final episode which was to serve as the final bouquet has been postponed. Crunchyroll said this yesterday on Twitter:

It is therefore April 3, a week after the initial date, that the twelfth episode of part 2 of season 4 of Attack on Titan is expected. A report that has not been explained but which is already the starting point for many speculations, and in particular on the coverage of the manga by the anime.

Program loaded for MAPPA?

Because yes: for many, this postponement necessarily hides a tasteful surprise. Even today, some fans wonder if the remaining six episodes will be enough to bring the entire manga story to the small screen. Therefore, this postponement would be the ideal pretext to produce a double episode at the last minute or even a concluding feature film planned after the end of the season to push the enthusiasm even further. But all this is obviously only suppositions and it will be necessary to wait until April 03 to have an answer. That being said, it must be recognized that MAPPA’s schedule in 2022 is very busy: despite Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 scheduled for 2023, the studio behind God of High School or banana fish working on the animated adaptation of chain saw man and the one at dance dance dancera production on Gambling School while his other projects like Hell’s Paradise have not yet been dated.

In any case, this one-week postponement of the last episode should not deprive fans of their general enthusiasm for the episodes of Attack on Titan. On IMDb, the anime series is on par with titans of the past decade: some of its episodes have received near-perfect ratings from the site’s readers, ranking them in the site’s top 10. A top 10 monopolized by series like ”Breaking Bad” and ”Game of Thrones”. Just that.

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