Bad news: you will soon no longer be able to watch your favorite programs in advance

While Netflix knocks us out with series, films, documentaries and even reality TV, the competition is fierce on the platform side. Prime Video, Disney+, OCS… the French already have quite a few choices and not all of them can survive. Like for example Lionsgate+ which should soon stop with us. But she is not the only one threatened. Promoted as a “French-style Netflix”, somersault was to be the perfect way to bring together new programs, with an association between TF1, M6 and France Télévisions. Except that this beautiful project, launched at the end of 2020, is already running out of steam.

TF1 and M6 leave Salto, ciao the episodes in advance

If nothing is official yet, Salto has already lost two major shareholders. As specified Letter A, TF1 and M6 would have decided to withdraw from the platform during a supervisory board which took place at the end of last week. The two private channels offered a lot of content ahead of Salto such as soap operas Here it all starts and tomorrow belongs to ustheir series or programs like Love is in the meadow Where The Cross. For now, the programs remain available a few days in advance… but for how long?

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And above all, will we still be able to see our programs in advance, even if TF1 and M6 sign the divorce with Salto? Not impossible since each now offers its paid offer (MyTF1 Max and 6PlayMax). But that’s just a guess at the moment.

What solutions to save Salto?

As La Lettre A specifies, France Télévisions could also choose to leave Salto. One thing that would not be surprising since the group had already confided in March its desire to flee the platform. But then, what will become of Salto? Are we heading towards permanent closure? Not necessarily. Letter A specifies that Canal+ would be interested in taking it over. On his side, The echoes indicates that a foreign group could also become a buyer, such as the British group Sky or the Scandinavian group Viaplay. Case to follow.