Black Frieza becomes the most powerful form in the anime!

Not only has Frieza returned to the animated franchise that spawned him, but he’s also very hot. The manga may be on hiatus next month for a new arc, but Dragon Ball fans will have plenty to talk about in the near future thanks to the arrival of “Black Frieza.”

Frieza acquired his new form through the discovery of a “Chamber of Spirit and Time” during his universe tour, spending approximately ten years training in the other universe.. Frieza having trained for a relatively short time to become “Golden Frieza”, his new form is far stronger than Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego, as the Tyrant is able to defeat them both with a single punch to each of the Z-Fighters. Weakening Saiyans isn’t even Frieza’s biggest move in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, which is quite surprising.

Freezer power level

Throughout the Granola Arc, the Heeters have been a force to be reckoned with, as the villainous Gas was able to become the strongest new being in the universe. Managing to best Goku, Vegeta, and Granola in single combat, the Heeter was easily eliminated by Frieza in one of the series’ most gruesome deaths to date. After punching a hole in the gas and causing the Heeter to deteriorate before his eyes, Frieza wasted no time in decimating Elec at the same time.

So why weren’t Gas and Granola able to overcome Frieza’s power level through their wishes on Planet Cereal’s Dragon Balls? Well, since the alien despot was technically in another universe, a clever pun ensured the villain was the strongest being in the universe from now on. The Granola arc had its issues according to many fans, but Frieza’s arrival and his new transformation has been the talking point of anime fans on social media since the arrival of the final chapter.