Blackjack Anime Store Opens Third Anime Store After One Year of Establishment

After selling different anime collectibles to millions of anime lovers, a third anime store is about to be launched in Dallas, Texas.

TEXAS – August 24, 2022 – Blackjack Anime StoreA physical store and seller of anime collectibles today announced the opening date of its third anime store after a year of establishing the business.

The new store serves anime lovers around the world with different anime collectibles ranging from Gunpla, Nendoroid, Plushies, exclusive anime shirts, Funko Pops, Pokemon, FullMetal Alchemist, Death Note, Jujutsu Kaisen and more. many other gift items that anime fans have always loved, including gift item sales under $15 and some are 60% off.


It’s a whole new world in the anime store. Last Heaven for Otaku updates on favorite anime characters and a Weeb Paradise is part of its gift to anime fans nationwide.

Since its inception, more and more anime Blackjack collectibles have been sold to fans nationwide. The third new store which will open in Dallas, Texas by September 10, 2022, features different lively personalities, Japanese lifestyle journey, beautiful artistic styles, and love of moral values.

Blackjack Anime Store made this announcement of opening a third store after deliberation with various team members. The growing needs for expansion, quality of service and proximity have accumulated as decisive factors for the launch of the third store. It is expected to be the fastest growing anime store in the country.

Blackjack’s third store is the company’s latest that finally lets fans take the personalities of their most beloved anime and immerse themselves in the world of disguise.

“I’ve watched anime and played video games most of my life and been cosplaying since 2014. My first cosplay was Nel from Bleach. Some of my favorite anime are FMA, Bleach, Code Geass, AOT, Naruto and many more,” says Blackjack Brand Ambassador Nicole.

“Figures, posters, anime merch oh my! We stopped and picked up some stickers, but stared in awe at all the cool stuff inside. This store is worth a visit to look around and enjoy the best of your favorite shows and cosplays,” shares Sadie Caraballo.

About Blackjack Anime Store

Blackjack Anime Store was founded in 2021 by 25-year-old anime enthusiast, Ernesto Medal, who had nothing but love for anime and an unquenchable passion to connect with other anime lovers everywhere. the country.

Blackjack is committed to serving the anime nation with a variety of anime collectibles, Otaku news, weeb heaven, anime apparel, big discounts, and a brand ambassador to connect with anime fans, learn Japanese culture, value art and appreciate morals.

It has developed a huge fanbase that enjoys anime, cosplay, and a safe haven for weebs. Blackjack Anime Stores is also offering free shipping on collectibles valued over $100 nationwide as part of giving back to the anime fan community.

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