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    Blue Lock

    When talking about sports manga, many titles are often mentioned. But Blue Lock has something unique.

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    Blue Lock

    Here are five reasons why you should at least watch the anime before rushing to read the manga!

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    Blue Lock

    In Blue Lock, sport is not the main theme.

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    Blue Lock

    You will be immediately immersed in the heat of the action.

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    Blue Lock

    From the first minutes of the anime, things will pick up speed and kick into high gear.

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    Blue Lock

    Isagi is a protagonist in whom we recognize ourselves

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    Blue Lock

    Jinpachi Ego, the story’s antagonist, is particularly disturbing.

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    Blue Lock

    Jinpachi Ego is not an antagonist like the others.

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    Blue Lock

    All Blue Lock characters are unique.

When talking about sports manga, many titles are often mentioned. Between slam dunk, Captain Tsubasa or Kuroko no Basketball, some are excellent, as long as you are interested in them and like the genre. Nevertheless, everyone does not necessarily appreciate this kind of manga to which we can prefer titles like Jujutsu Kaisen, The attack of the Titans or My Hero Academia, to name just a few big names. But last year, the publishing house Pika Edition made a breakthrough with the title Blue Locka sports manga that immerses us in the world of football.

Beyond being a sports story, Blue Lock will above all offer us a whole new interpretation of the world of football by taking up the codes of the best battle royals. But if the sporty side of the story puts you off a bit, here are five reasons why you should at least watch the anime before you go read the manga!

In Blue Lock, sport is not the main theme

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of sports manga, although I have read and seen some classics like the ones mentioned above. I must confess that I always found a side to them ass-ass or overrated which I didn’t like very much. But things have completely changed with Blue Lock.

In Blue Lock, football is not the main theme, but rather a means.

Basically, I know absolutely nothing about football and I have very little esteem for this sport. However, this series had a rather impressive hypnotic and addictive side. When I read the first volumes, I quickly understood that sport was not the main theme of the story, but rather served as a medium for expression.

In effect, Blue Lock came to crash into the vision I had of football and totally changed it. Although sportsmanship is present at the beginning of the story, it is quickly replaced by individualism and the rage to win, the rage to be the best. From the start, we know that the characters will have to compete and that the clashes will take different forms, but we are completely unaware of how a sport, sold as a team sport, can function as a battle royal. However, Blue Lock succeeds brilliantly!

Isagi is a protagonist in whom we recognize ourselves

If we look at the biggest shōnen hits of recent years, there are a lot of protagonists that we love like Eren from The attack of the TitansDeku of My Hero Academia or Denji from chain saw man. But if you think about it, we don’t necessarily have that much in common with them. The most glaring example is certainly Goku, from dragonball. So yes, his character is incredibly kind, but he’s literally a god. Admittedly, it’s hard to compare yourself to such a character.

Isagi is a character in which we can really recognize ourselves.

In Blue Lock, Isagi is the perfect protagonist in whom we can easily recognize ourselves. He’s a normal human, without superpowers, who only dreams of one thing: to be the best in his passion. He wants to win the national high school tournament, to be the best striker. In short, ambitions that we can, in one way or another, share with him as we fight every day to improve and surpass ourselves.

You will be immediately immersed in the heat of the action

If there’s one thing I really liked about Blue Lock, is that we are immediately plunged into the heat of the action. It’s a trend that we see in a lot of series like The attack of the Titans or, more recently, Spy x Family. And this is something that we find very clearly in the first episode of the series.

Right from the start, you will be immersed in the heat of the action.

Honestly, when the officialization of the series fell, I was one of those who was looking forward to it. Nevertheless, I wondered what it was going to give clearly. Difficult to adapt a manga whose scenario goes so quickly. However, 8-bit achieves this perfectly and even before the conflicts between the characters arrive.

But above all, what makes Blue Lock exceptional is the unsympathetic character of Jinpachi Ego. Indeed, when he exposes his plan and his intentions, all the high school students present are against it. Nevertheless, he will manage to galvanize them enough for it to be their instinct that takes over and pushes them to join the program.

Jinpachi Ego, the story’s antagonist, is particularly disturbing

For now, Jinpachi Ego is the antagonist of the story, but it is unknown if he will remain so until the end. But if there is one thing that we must admit, it is that his character is particularly uncomfortable. Indeed, when he speaks, he manages to put his finger on what hurts, what will make people react.

Jinpachi Ego is not an antagonist like the others.

But beyond that, you have to admit that the animators who are responsible for its design have totally outdone themselves! Also, when you think about it, Jinpachi’s gloomy view of sports is ultimately far from wrong. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a player to be criticized for his individualism. There are personalities who are like that, who think above all of their own success, rather than the enhancement of the team.

So when Ego explains that the only way to evolve is to be selfish, he’s far from wrong. Of course, teamwork has its advantages. But if a person wants to evolve and develop certain skills, he must focus on himself. Even if it is a rather taboo thing in our society. This is what makes him an excellent antagonist. He doesn’t care what other people think, he says what he has to say, he does what he has to do and that’s it.

The characters are numerous and are far from uninteresting

Everyone who has read Blue Lock can tell you. All the characters are particularly well worked and above all have a reason to be there. First of all, each of them has a very personal physical identity, whether by their corpulence, their size, their haircut, etc. The animation studio 8-bit did a huge job of adaptation in order to have a wide variety of characters.

All Blue Lock characters are unique.

This aspect of the story makes it possible to have several characters in which to recognize oneself. Whether it’s because of their character, their physique or simply their personal history. All these reasons make Blue Lock an anime and a manga not to be missed and in which you should seriously be interested!