Box office France: One Piece Film – Red makes a sensational start but Nope has trouble seducing

Contrary to One Piece Movie: Red which makes a very nice start and steals first place from Bullet Train, Boop barely a bit.

If for several years Japanese animated films have managed to bring together an increasingly loyal French audience, One Piece Movie: Red proves that manga adaptations are working more and more. With more than 575,000 admissions for its first week in theatersthe fifteenth film based on the manga series by Eiichiro Oda directs the thirteenth best start of the year.

It is therefore placed before Bullet Train, Buzz Lightning or Morbius who had failed to exceed 500,000 entries during their first week of operation in France. It also does better than the little phenomenon Jujutsu Kaisen 0also adapted from a manga, and that Demon Slayer: The Infinity Trainwhich both attracted 347 and 350,000 spectators after a week in theaters, before finishing their run with almost 530,000 admissions for Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and 727,000 for Demon Slayer.

With a very high average per copy (912 viewers per copy), we can expect that One Piece Movie: Red remains a few more weeks in French cinemas before perhaps the start of the school year slows down its course.

Luffy happy

By rising to first place in the box office of the week, the animated film took the place of Bullet Trainwhich is thus found in second place with just over 313,000 spectators. For its second week in theaters, David Leitch’s action comedy loses just 36% of its attendance compared to the previous week. Having already attracted more than 800,000 spectators, we can expect that Bullet Train exceeds one million next week.

The other great novelty of the week is obviously Boopthe third (fascinating) feature film by Jordan Peele which attracted almost 225,000 spectators in its first week of operation. If this score is quite respectable, it doesn’t live up to the scores of get-out and Us both of which attracted 465,000 and 285,000 spectators in their first week of operation. Let’s hope that word of mouth manages to attract new curious people for this film which deserves so much to be discovered in theaters.

At the fourth position of the top 5 of the week, we find Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gruwho for its sixth week in cinemas attracted more than 213,000 spectators. This week, the spin-off and prequel movie of Me, ugly and mean only saw its attendance drop by 15%, the smallest drop the film has seen. With its 3,358,761 spectators, Minions 2 is for the moment the third film of the year having attracted the most spectators in Francejust behind Jurassic World: The World Afterwhich attracted only 85,000 more spectators. Minions 2 could very easily exceed Jurassic World 3 and starting next week.

This is Thor: Love and Thunderthe fourth part of the saga Thor and second directed by Taika Waititi, which closes the top 5 of the week. For its fifth week in theaters, Thor 4 attracted more than 197,000 spectators for a total score of 2,577,053 spectators, where at the same time of its operation, Thor: Ragnarok seduced almost 87,000 spectators before finishing its race with 2,513,412 spectators. Thor 4 has therefore just surpassed its predecessor.

Chris HemsworthThor: Love and ThunderThor 4 even stronger than Thor 3

This week especially marks the end of the reign of Top Gun: Maverick which for the first time since the start of its operation finds himself expelled from the weekly top 5. For its twelfth week in theaters (yes, twelfth), Top Gun 2 managed to attract just over 180,000 spectators almost 10% more than last week. Top Gun 2 could therefore quite make its comeback in the top 5, especially since it is still distributed on a little over 600 copies, and that this week it exceeded 6 million viewers.

It is in eighth place in the ranking of the week that we find The very very high class, the highest ranked French film of the week. Directed by Frederic Quiring (Dirty Kids, My Reum), the comedy worn by Melha Bedia brought together almost 160,000 spectators for its first week of operation, more than the other two French comedies Ducobu President! and Liarwhich do not exceed 100,000 spectators this week.

Top Gun : Maverick : Foto Tom CruiseSee you next week for the comeback

If this week has been brightened by the release of Boop, the cinema news of August 17 could also have some surprises in store for us. In addition to discovering the ambitious work of science fiction Vesper Chroniclesa little apocalyptic gem, the creepy Esther is back in Esther 2: Originsa prequel to the film released in 2009, which had attracted almost 640,000 spectators.