Box office France: “The Batman” remains leader, “Notre-Dame burns” disappoints, great breakthrough for “Jujutsu Kaisen”

“Springtime of cinema” effect guaranteed. Last week, the great return of this operation which allowed the French to benefit from an entry at only 4 euros for three days between Sunday and Tuesday, resulted in an increase in attendance: 3.40 million film buffs have been in theaters over the past seven days, up from 2.51 million a week earlier. The “Printemps du cinema” alone was able to count on 2.15 million admissions. “A good level of attendance which is approaching pre-crisis levels, without of course reaching the records of 2018 and 2019“, reacted the National Federation of French Cinemas in a press release. In 2018, the “Printemps du cinema” had signed a record year thanks to 3.15 million spectators.

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‘The Batman’ clings to the top spot

In this context of boosted attendance, French moviegoers have trusted a safe bet, “The Batman” with Robert Pattinson, which retains the lead for the third consecutive week with 607,350 additional viewers, for a total of 2.41 million. entries. The American feature film is the biggest hit of 2022 to date. Behind, less than 400,000 spectators wanted to discover the big-budget French film – more than 30 million euros – “Notre-Dame burns”, devoted to the reconstruction of the fire of the cathedral by Jean-Jacques Annaud . His last film, “The Last Wolf”, released in 2015, had completed its first week in front of 483,683 people.

On the last step of the podium, “Jujutsu Kaisen 0”, prequel to the famous manga, had an excellent first week with the best average viewers per screen (880). Distributed on only 395 copies, it could count on 347,583 fans.

In fifth place, “Retirement home” is gradually approaching 2 million spectators – just like “Super-heroes despite himself” in 10th place – while behind, “Goliath”, with Pierre Niney, crosses the milestone of half a million admissions. Two other new releases, in 8th and 9th place, complete this top 10: “So we dance”, by and with Michèle Laroque and “A plein temps”, with Laure Calamy.

The Top 10 of the French box office from March 16 to 22, 2022

1. “The Batman” (903) / 607.350 / 2.408.082
2. “Notre-Dame burns” (752) / 388.293
3. “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” (395) / 347.583
4. “Uncharted” (524)/248,093/2,263,536
5. “Retirement home” (822) / 240.503 / 1.832.424
6. “Goliath” (522) / 238.427 / 505.711
7. “Building permit” (493) / 201.354 / 413.349
8. “So we dance” (440) / 167.617
9. “Full time” (199) / 100,254
10. “Superhero despite himself” (366) / 78,544 / 1,797,225

“Film” (Number of screens) / Admissions of the week / Total admissions
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