But which manga to read in early December?

We are officially entering the holiday season! And for fans of manga, we can say that the possibilities of gifts are almost endless. Besides, if you are a fan of Dragon Ball, we have prepared a selection of the best games to buy! But back to our sheep: the manga selection at the start of the month! You know it, we know it, twice a month, we offer you a selection of manga to (re) discover or follow among the announced releases ! The opportunity to present you manga that may have gone unnoticed on your side but which are still worth the detour!

Centaures T06 at Glénat – Release December 01, 2021

Extract from the manga Centaures available from Glénat editions

Centaures is a manga published by Glénat since 2018. It is a fairly short series since it only has 6 volumes, the last of which comes out in December. The author is also at the origin of two other manga: MADK (a yaoi at Taifu Comics) and Ashidaka – The Iron Hero (also available from Glénat). Centaures immerses us in a feudal Japan where humans must share their environment with divine creatures, the centaurs. But during feudal Japan, wars were rife and humans saw centaurs as real weapons of war to appropriate and dominate.

Why do we love? The manga is quite short but that doesn’t prevent it from being intense. Indeed, the author succeeds in making us follow the history of a family of centaurs through several generations. Some are against humans, others have lived alongside them and still others are convinced that peaceful cohabitation must be able to exist. In Centaures, we do not only oppose two different species, we also tackle racism, colonialism and wars. In addition, the author offers us a design so precise, so intense, that we can feel all the emotions that run through the characters in her manga. A must-read manga.

Jujutsu Kaisen T12 at Ki-oon – Release December 02, 2021

Good. Let’s be honest, we are not going to insult you by presenting one of the leading manga of the moment: Jujutsu Kaisen. We talk about it every week (or almost) when a new chapter comes out on Manga Plus. But if you haven’t been interested in this nugget yet, there is still time! For the moment, “only” 12 volumes have been released in France and 17 in Japan. In volume 12, we continue with the arc of Drame de Shibuya. To put you in perspective, October 31 has arrived and it was the deadline to stop Suguru Geto’s plan. But the latter did not let it go and managed to deploy a curtain over the Shibuya district.

Nevertheless here are some reasons why you should read Jujutsu Kaisen. In recent years, we have seen a lot of manga dealing with the theme of the supernatural hit the market. Corn Jujutsu Kaisen stands out for its darkness. Although at first the main character, Itadori Yuji, was all but naïve, we see him as he grows up, becomes an adult, and truly understands what it means to be an exorcist. And on the other side, we see many opponents still powerful and determined to turn the world into chaos. Although the characters must put an end to a precise Machiavellian plan, they come across all kinds of adversaries in their path who can sometimes (often) make them forget who they really are. Not to mention Sukuna, whose intentions towards Itadori, Fushiguro or simply the world are still unknown.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon maid T03 chez Noeve – Released December 03, 2021

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is one of the sagas offered by the young Noeve publishing house, just like Welcome to the Ballroom we were talking to you about at the end of October. However, they are not at all the same kind of manga. Indeed, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid immerses us in the daily life of Kobayashi after a dragon decides to take up residence by his side. But a dragon in the modern world, what a pain! Kobayashi goes from ubiquitous situation to ubiquitous situation. Especially since the dragon in question, or rather the strap called Thor, is not just anyone in his home world …

Why do we love? Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a humorous manga. We find ourselves in a totally improbable situation where an overpowered dragon voluntarily decides to put itself at the service of a human. What a funny idea. But hang in there, Thor is going to go to great lengths to try and adjust. The only problem is that she’s not the only one of her kind around, which creates some particularly funny situations. A manga full of humor, but above all full of love and good vibes. Must read if you want to have a good time or to watch on Crunchyroll quickly!

The Fable T05 chez Pika – Released December 08, 2021

As Jujutsu Kaisen, we do not introduce you The Fable, one of the novelties from Pika Éditions this year and which we had already told you about at the release of volume 1 last April. But if you haven’t started reading this manga, now is the time to get started! We end up with a main character all that is atypical! While usually in the furyô the hero is a gentle-hearted good guy who wants to play big arms (Yes Takemichou, we’re talking about you), The Fable features a hired killer who must go green and try to fit into civil society.

Except that it is not that simple, to integrate into civil society when you have spent your life killing for money. Especially that Fable (the main character) will be housed (and watched) by a clan of Yakuza who either want him dead or admire him. As a result, Fable easily finds himself in incredible situations where he has to manage to pass himself off as a normal guy when he is far from being who he really is. Not to mention his “sister” who accompanies him and who is looking for an activity to occupy himself. In short, a manga full of humor with a graphic design close to comics, which is clearly not to displease us.

You will understand, this early December sees all kinds of manga arriving in our favorite bookstores. We will even find volume 18 of Dr Stone, volume 8 of Giant or volume 43 of Haikyu !! The aces of volleyball ! Something to feast on on any kind of adventure! Moreover, the month of December has a particularly important event for the manga: the release of volume 100 of One Piece ! The manga will be available in both a collector’s version and a regular version from December 8th!