Chainsaw Man Author Releases His New Manga And It’s Available For Free

Tatsuki Fujimoto has just unveiled “Goodbye, Eri”, his latest manga which will appeal to cinema lovers (but not only).

Waiting for the second part of the explosive chain saw manwhich should be released this summer, Tatsuki Fujimoto gives us a new one-shot titled Goodbye, Eri. Good news: this manga is available online since Sunday. And for free too! Finally, as long as you have a minimum command of English…

Fujimoto returns with Goodbye, Eri

Last year, without warning many people, Tatsuki Fujimoto unveiled Look Back, his one-shot on the passion for drawing. We had to wait until March 2022 to discover, with us, the manga in physical version at Kazé editions. In this sweet and moving parenthesis, the mangaka once again demonstrated his talent for drawing and storytelling.

This year, do it again with Goodbye, Eri, available from this Sunday. With this new work, the author is determined to remind us that he is indeed a master in his art. In Goodbye, Eri, we follow Yuta, a teenager responsible for filming his seriously ill mother on a daily basis. Until his last breath. As the young boy plans to end his life, he meets Eri. This funny girl will reason with him and push him to make a film. A voucher. Tatsuki Fujimoto is a cinephile and this 200-page one-shot is yet another proof of that.

This time again, the mangaka manages to take us into his universe thanks to ingenious staging, fine and powerful lines and an unparalleled narration. Success is there: in just 24 hours, Goodbye, Eri has been read over 2 million times.

To the delight of fans, Goodbye, Eri is available online free on Manga More. This is the online reading platform for international readers of the publishing house Shueisha, to which we owe mastodons like One Piece, naruto or Jujutsu Kaisen. If a French version of the platform is available since last school year, you will have to rely on your mastery of the language of Shakespeare to read Goodbye, Eri. If it can reassure you, there is not a lot of dialogue in this one-shot…

Note that two collections of short stories written by Tatsuki Fujimoto in his youth are expected from Kazé editions very soon: 17-21 will be released on May 18 while we wait 22-26 June 8. We look forward !