Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock… Must-see anime this fall!

This month, we’re talking chainsaw demon, football competition and aliens in our anime recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.

CHAINSAW MAN (Crunchyroll)

Deep in debt, Denji merges with Pochita, his chainsaw dog. Now endowed with fabulous power, the latter is recruited by the Devil Hunter association specializing in tracking down and eliminating demons!

Chainsaw Man is the adaptation of a manga phenomenon (11 volumes available from Crunchyroll editions, formerly Kazé), sold 10 million copies worldwide! The anime was produced by the famous studio MAPPA, notably in charge of the last season of Attack on Titan and JuJutsu Kaisen.

A mix of action, humor… and gore: the recipe for perfect entertainment? After 3 episodes broadcast on Crunchyroll, it seems that we are in the presence of the anime of the year!

The hero is endearing and ambiguous, the animation is sublime, the dantesque action scenes and the secondary characters are not to be outdone, notably Makima and Power. A masterclass!

BLUE LOCK (Crunchyroll)

World Cup 2018, the Japanese football team is eliminated in the round of 16… This new failure encourages the Japanese Football Union to found the “Blue Lock”: a revolutionary training center bringing together the 300 best high school attackers from the country.

It follows on from the adaptation of Ao Ashi which enchanted anime and sports fans last season. With its original concept cleverly combining football and battle royal, Blue Lock is the series capable of appealing to all audiences.

Strategies, alliances and betrayals collide in this complex where several hundred teenagers, young football prodigies, must excel in various events, at the risk of losing their right to play as a professional forever.

With its characters with multiple abilities and characters and its tense atmosphere, once launched the first episode you will have only one desire: to continue and discover who will emerge victorious from this fierce competition.


Earth is one day invaded by aliens, offering earthlings one last chance to be saved. This is how Ataru Moroboshi, a failed womanizer, must catch the horns of Lum, one of these aliens. He ends up, against all odds, succeeding in this challenge, making the young alien crazy about him.

Rumiko Takahashi’s cult work is back in a new anime adaptation, forty years after the first. The opportunity for nostalgics to dive back into this wacky romantic comedy and for the youngest to discover this outstanding nugget of 80s manga culture.

With graphics and humor close to its original version, Urusei Yatsura offers you the super relaxing moment of the season. Its fun and light atmosphere and its endearing characters will be your perfect companions on a rainy day.

And if you were spectators of the 1981 series, take out your magnifying glasses: easter eggs are hidden in the episodes of this remake…