Chainsaw Man: Denji has a lot to teach us The Siver Times

By Juliet

– Published on 01 Dec 2022 at 15:30

Denji is more of the street child type. He is therefore used to not trusting anyone, even to betraying. A characteristic that he is not the only one to have.

Next to Jujutsu Kaisen, Blue Lock or One Piece, chain saw man is one of the most popular manga of the moment. Created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, it was last October that the broadcast of the animated adaptation, signed MAPPAstarted on Crunchyroll. Particularly dark, the story tackles strong themes such as poverty, loneliness, but also the trust placed in others or the fact of giving a second chance. However, anyone who has read or seen chain saw man knows that for many characters on the show, that trust ultimately isn’t worth much.

And it’s not Denji who is likely to change things. Main character of the story, orphan following the suicide of his father, he did not have the luxury of going to school. He is quite uneducated, knows nothing of the world around him and mainly had a marginal life, even a slave to be able to provide for him and Pochita. But now, Denji is surrounded by what he thinks are allies and friends. However, some will not hesitate to betray him and that says a lot, not only about the history of chain saw manbut also on the character of Denji himself.

Denji is a special character, one of a kind.

Chainsaw Man: A World Filled with Betrayal

Honestly, if you have read or seen the first episodes of chain saw man, betrayal could almost be a running gag in this story. Well, clearly, this manga is an atypical bloody shōnen in which the heroes are barely more powerful than the opponents they face all the time. An ultimately perfect context for all things betrayal, backstabbing, double agent, etc. And this is clearly one of the most important elements of chain saw man. Besides, if you pay attention to it, the betrayals seem totally overplayed, which makes them totally unpredictable and allows the story to be less repetitive than other manga are.

So far, every betrayal of chain saw man was an exciting and often dramatic event that teaches us a lot about the universe and the characters of the manga. Power’s example is certainly the most obvious. Remember, she tried to offer Denji as a sacrifice to the Demon-Bat in order to save her cat Meowth. This strategy, as flawed as it is, tells us a lot about the functioning and psychology of Power. Following this, Denji found himself confronting the Demon-Leech and he was forced, willy-nilly, to team up with the one who had just betrayed him. A cooperation that proves to us to what extent the characters of chain saw man need each other to survive.

chain saw man

Power didn’t hesitate to betray Denji’s trust in her.

For now, the studio anime MAPPAwhich has 12 episodes, has not yet revealed all the present betrayals of chain saw man and the worst is yet to come. However, if you have seen the last episodes of the series, there is a question to which we do not yet have the answer: who could have given the information about Denji to the Demon-Eternity present in the hotel?

Betrayal is what best characterizes Denji and his relationships

If you take a step back from the history of chain saw man, you’ll easily notice that the majority, if not all, of the betrayals involve Denji, to the point that you might think he’s finally gotten used to it. But surprisingly, while the trust he had given was trampled on so often, Denji did not become suspicious or aggressive with others. He stayed true to himself.

Through his past, Denji learned that it was smarter to be flexible. However, it does not lack character. He doesn’t like being taken for an idiot, nor being double-crossed. But he’s learned to toughen up and accept that he doesn’t always have control over everything. And his naive side allows him to continue to appreciate people and seek the best in life.. Taking a step back, we realize that Denji, although he is forgiving, does not hesitate to take action if necessary. He is a mentally very strong character, capable of facing the worst betrayals and disappointments. This is what makes him a unique character.