Chainsaw Man: Release date, censorship… Crunchyroll and MAPPA talk about the anime

news culture Chainsaw Man: Release date, censorship… Crunchyroll and MAPPA talk about the anime

Chainsaw… it’s the new flagship manga of Weekly Shōnen Jump after Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen. The announcement of an animated adaptation in December 2020 was therefore not surprising. It will still have been necessary to patent several months to learn more about this anime eagerly awaited by fans of the paper format. Release date and censorship, the MAPPA studios as well as Crunchyroll France come back to the JV editorial staff on these two essential points concerning the anime.


  • What is the release date of Chainsaw Man?
  • Will the Chainsaw Man anime series be censored?

What is the release date of Chainsaw Man?

The release date of the Chainsaw Man anime series remains unclear. MAPPA studios have for the moment (July 19, 2022) communicated only a mysterious 2022 without specifying the month and even less the day of broadcast of the first episode on Japanese television and therefore by extension on Crunchyroll. Insiders can, however, speculate on the famous D-Day. Indeed, anime releases in Japan are seasonal and therefore easily anticipated. To put it simply, the first episode of a new series and/or season arrives in January, April, July or October. Chainsaw Man would therefore be released in October 2022. He would then face season 6 of My Hero Academia, Bleach: A Thousand Year Blood War, Blue Lock or even Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. Just that ! The statement of the representative of Crunchyroll France goes in this direction.

Could you tell the release date of the Chainsaw Man anime series?

It will be in 2022. Officially, the date has not been communicated. After, look at when the anime are launched, and then you will guess quite easily. – Crunchyroll France

Will the Chainsaw Man anime series be censored?

According to the comments made by MAPPA studios (Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, The God of High School), the adaptation will be faithful to the paper work and will not censor anything. This statement is enough to reassure fans of the manga. It must be said that the latter is particularly bloody, dark and brutal, and does not forgive the readers anything or almost. Between the graphic violence and the troubled sexuality of the characters, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s story can easily shock an uninformed audience. However, the Chainsaw Man saga would only be a shadow of itself without this frontal and uncompromising approach to its universe. During the Japan Expo, the editorial staff of JV spoke with several pundits from MAPPA studios in order to come back to the censorship that could hit the animated series. The answer provided should once again reassure the fans.

How to adapt a work as gory and bloody as Chainsaw Man into an animated series? What about censorship, violence and sexuality?

There are really no limits. We didn’t think about any kind of censorship, because we want to meet the expectations of the fans. We tried to stay as faithful as possible to the manga in terms of the scenario without asking ourselves questions about censorship. That’s the charm of Chainsaw Man. If we ever get any feedback after the anime’s release regarding violence and sexuality, we’ll ask. However, we have a little apprehension towards certain countries, in the way the anime could be perceived. We hope that there will be no problems and that fans will be happy with the fidelity of the adaptation that we have sought to make. – MAPPA studios

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