Chainsaw Man: This Makima cosplay will drive you crazy!

news culture Chainsaw Man: This Makima cosplay will drive you crazy!

Chainsaw Man, the new shônen phenomenon of the moment, continues to inspire manga and anime fans over and over again. Today, we present to you a superbly highlighted cosplay of Makima, an oh so enigmatic character who has already won the hearts of fans.

Chainsaw Man: anime of the year?

If you’re even a little interested in the world of manga and Japanese animation, it’s hard to miss chain saw man. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work was entitled to its anime adaptation, broadcast since last October on Crunchyroll. Produced by MAPPA, the most fashionable animation studio of the moment – at the origin, among others, of the final season of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen – this first season is a real hit.

It’s very simple, the Chainsaw Man anime is currently the best rated on the Crunchyroll platform, collecting nearly 170,000 reviews for an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. An exceptional score and even better than the One Piece juggernaut!

If the animation is already a serious argument in itself, fans who had not yet read the manga also welcome the script, completely offbeat and full of unpredictable plot-twists. Another strong point of Chainsaw Man certainly resides on the side of its characters. Denji to begin with, but also Power, Aki, or even Kobeni and the infamous Himeno… CSM deploys a whole gallery of characters as endearing as they are uncomfortable. But the one that attracts all the attention is undoubtedly Makima, Denji’s superior who seems to be hiding many secrets, especially when we saw the last three episodes of the anime.

Makima IRL, what does it look like?

Particularly enigmatic and bewitching, Makima had already been talked about the day after the broadcast of the first episode of the anime. The Devil Hunter with strange powers and spiral eyes had already won over fans even before the start of the series and still continues to capture their attention. On the side of cosplayers too, Makima turns out to be a character of choice.

Today, we present to you the work of felveliala Russian cosplayer who decided to stage herself by donning the appearance of this character. Not only is the costume impeccable – Makima’s advantage being that her outfit remains quite simple to make – but the cosplayer has also edited her photographs in order to perfectly transcribe the mystical aura of the character. A magnificent work, to be found just below.

Chainsaw Man: This Makima cosplay will drive you crazy!

Source : felvelial/Vell Felice.

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