Chainsaw Man unveils an explosive final trailer

Chainsaw Man has unveiled a new trailer and some great information about its anime adaptation.

Yesterday the final trailer for chain saw man revealed its last secrets. The time of a unreleased trailer, MAPPA’s animated series devoted a live broadcast to the dubbing actors and the music that will punctuate the adventures of Denji and Poticha. On the program, a new opening and images that already amaze us.

MAPPA signs a promising last trailer

With its explosive credits by Kenshi Yonezu (already at work on My Hero Academia and Children of the Sea), Crunchyroll and MAPPA studios are hitting hard. Not only the animated adaptation of chain saw man looks promising, but in addition it promises to be visually amazing. We had few doubts on this point in particular: the Japanese is a regular at ambitious productions. After Attack of the Titans or Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Denji’s adventures should amaze us.

The first trailer had already managed to get us excited. For this final teaser before the launch of the series, the fights fade to give way to deeper scenes. Without saying too much about the content of the anime, the result promises to be very high-flying.

The real surprise, however, lies in the end credits. Indeed, it is not one, but twelve different endings which will conclude the episodes of the series, at the rate of one each week indicates the official account of chain saw man on Twitter. No doubt, the most anticipated anime of 2022 intends to deliver on its promises. Appointment on October 11 on Crunchyroll to discover the first episodes of the series. Note also that a preview will be screened a few days earlier at the Grand Rex in Paris. Note that the first season of the anime will only have 12 episodes, and it is still unknown how far the adaptation will go in the narration.