Chainsaw Man: why are some fans calling for the already cult series to be canceled?

As the first season of Chainsaw Man prepares to retire, a strange petition demands the cancellation of the series.

Often cited among the biggest visual and narrative slaps of 2022, anime chain saw man not unanimous. The proof, with this strange petition launched on social networks, which asks for the cancellation of the MAPPA series.

An incomprehensible petition

Since last October, manga fans have been vibrating to the rhythm of the release of chain saw man. The animated series adapted from the manga written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto is a ratings success on Crunchyroll, and the public seems to have quickly agreed on the storyline and graphic quality of the saga, choreographed by the MAPPA studio, already at the work on Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen or Vinland Saga.

As the twelfth episode concluded the saga’s first story arc today, some fans seem to have taken the fly. In a petition signed by more than 1,600 people, a “dedicated fan” of the original manga calls for the outright cancellation of the animated series, or failing that, the remake of the saga with a new director. Among the criticisms made of the anime: the quality of animation, the vision of director Ryū Nakayama, and the interpretation of Denji made by voice actor Kikunosuke Toya in the original version.

Rather surprisingly, this petition seems to go contrary to the praises already expressed by the fans concerning the animated series. Especially since contrary to what the signatories of the petition reproach, the animated series was produced in close collaboration with the original author Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Fortunately for the silent majority, this petition should not impact the continuation of Chainsaw Man. The series is a ratings success, and both MAPPA and the broadcasters have relied heavily on this project. The action is not isolated, however, and bears witness to the growing weight that the public imposes in the creative process Japanese animation series. A little over a year ago, the spectators had notably demanded a new end to The attack of the Titans by Hajime Isayama.