Chainsaw Man Wins Harvey Prize Again (and It’s Historic)

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga continues to seduce critics and readers, and won a new award at the last Comic-Con.

For the second consecutive year, the author of chain saw man won the prestigious award during New York Comic-Con. A first in the discipline, but not in the young career of the manga phenomenon. After winning numerous prizes during the Japan Expo Awards 2022, the ultra-violent shonen with its unique style continues to break records. We thus learned via a press release from Crunchyroll, future broadcaster of the anime, that the release of the very first trailer in 2021 had led to a multiplication of sales of the manga by three in France.


A manga that comes alive

The dynamic created between the original work and its anime adaptation by the prestigious studio MAPPA (The attack of the Titans, Jujutsu Kaisen) continues to fuel the success of both versions. While the anime won’t begin streaming until tomorrow from 6 p.m. and simulcast on Crunchyroll, it’s already one of the most anticipated titles of the year. The very particular universe created by Fujimoto, its adult themes and its unique graphic violence largely explain the phenomenon.

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Tatsuki Fujimoto commented on his victory, via a press release available on the Crunchyroll site: “Thank you for this absolutely amazing award! It is the best of all the rewards existing in the United States! I consider my slightly raw manga not really worthy of an award, but I will continue to fill it with everything I love. If you want to reward me again, let me know! Thanks a lot ! »

© Crunchyroll

Demonic slices of life

As a reminder, the scenario of chain saw man is written in a world where human fears materialize into veritable demonic powers. Denji, a young man burdened with debts bequeathed by his missing father, is part of the Devil Hunters in the pay of a group of yakuza, accompanied by Pochita, his chainsaw demon dog. The betrayal of his sponsors will make him a chainsaw demon in turn, and launch him in pursuit of the most dangerous of his new congeners: the Gun Demon. The violence is all over the place, and the anime’s producers have promised not to tone it down in their adaptation. Looking at the latest trailers available, they seem to have kept their promise.