Chapter Scan #OnePiece 1068: “A Genius’s Dream”

Lucci asks Pythagoras about the incident where several Cipher Pol ships disappeared around Egghead Island. Pythagoras denies being involved in these incidents and insists that CP0 must leave.

Lucci orders CP0 to abandon ship. Then they tell the “S-Bear” (that’s what they call Seraph Kuma) to use the power of his “Nikyu Nikyu no Mi” to teleport them all to the island. After they abandon the ship, the “Armed Sea Beasts” destroy the ship.

In the Kamabakka Kingdom, the real Kuma also uses the power of his fruit to teleport somewhere unknown for now.

Back to Egghead. Vegapunk reveals to Luffy that his dream is to bring free energy to all people across the world and in this way it would eradicate wars for energy resources. Vegapunk thinks he can sense energy in nature.

But the closer he gets to discovering this new source of energy, his research brings him closer to a mysterious and ancient source of energy. And it is for this reason that he knows too much, and that he will soon be erased by the World Government.

That’s why Vegapunk asked Luffy to take him away from the island.

Luffy: “Yes, we will help you!! Your face is funny!!! ”

Vegapunk is really happy, he says he will pack everything he needs. Vegapunk tells Luffy that they will meet on the top floor of the lab and take Bonney there. Then Vegapunk teleports away.

CP0 arrives on Egghead. The “Vegapunk Defense System” appears and begins to battle CP0. Nami and the other group are watching what is happening on the surveillance videos.

Shaka orders to cast “S-Snake”, “S-Hawk” and “S-Shark” and then gives “authority control” to Sentômaru (We can see the image of Sentômaru but the chapter does not confirm that he is on the island.)

We can see how the CP0 explores the island of Egghead during 2 to 3 pages. Stussy knows all the details of the island, she says it brings back memories. Kaku is very excited and falls into a laser trap. (Stussy knows about the traps but she doesn’t warn Kaku.)

Atlas appears and attacks Lucci. Shaka tries to tell him to stop. Lucci uses the “Roku Ou Gan” on Atlas, splitting his head open and destroying Atlas completely. (It looks like Atlas is still alive but half of his face is broken).

At the end of the chapter we can see that Luffy and his group carry Bonney. Suddenly, their path crosses that of Lucci and CP0.

Lucci: “Straw hat !?”

Luffy: “The pigeon guy!!? “

The title refers to Vegapunk’s dream of free energy to the whole planet.

But his research led him to a mysterious and ancient energy source.

Which comes from the forgotten century.

And that is why it will soon be erased by the World Government.

They’re going to get hold of Vegapunk and kill him because he knows too much.

That’s why he wants to leave Egghead and asked for Luffy’s support.

Lucci orders the Seraph of Kuma to teleport them to the island.

Shaka gives the order to release the S-Snake (Snake), the S-Hawk (Eagle) and the S-Shark (shark). He also gives control to Sentomaru.

Luccy uses the Rokuogan on Atlas, she is badly damaged, literally destroyed.

Luffy’s group and Lucci’s group come face to face at the end of the chapter.