Critique Vol.11 Jujutsu Kaisen –Manga

Satoru fell into the trap of the plagues, he is surrounded by humans and cannot deploy all of his strength under pain of causing their death … Obviously the plagues, led by Suguru, take the opportunity to neutralize their most powerful opponent … But removing Saturo from the game does not only mean making life easier for his opponents at the moment … it is also breaking the balance between good and evil … allowing this second force to invade the human world …

Although the action is only really present at the end of the volume via fairly disputed clashes, this volume will be incredibly intense! From start to finish everything is linked at an incredible speed, even the dialogue phases seem rushed as the character is lacking time … the reader therefore finds himself trapped in this infernal wheel, forced to follow this frantic pace intelligently imposed by the author!

In the first part of the volume we will resume the confrontation between Satoru and his opponents in the basement of the metro … but it will eventually be quickly dispatched through a most unhealthy ruse … from there everything will be linked!
The author’s brilliant find is to make Satoru such a monster of power that he is a key part of the balance between plagues and exorcists and that without him certain threats that remained in retreat for fear of this incredible adversary, will be able to come out into the open, convinced that nothing can stop them!
This is how Gege Akutami will introduce new characters, masters of plagues who were only waiting for the ousting of Satoru to be talked about again!
But they will quickly realize that the new generation of exorcists is not left out and that they will have to rub shoulders with young talented exorcists!

Thus with this volume, the author establishes the status of overpowered monster feared and respected by Satoru but he also underlines the heritage of the latter with the transmission of his missions to the younger generation. Quite a symbol!

On the side of the plagues, the author makes us a revelation concerning Suguru … and for once I find that it spoils everything for the character! As presented to us, as a disappointed and jaded exorcist, eager to make the world according to his will and hungry for power, he was perfect! But coming to modify his “villainous origin” in this way, quite simply spoils everything! Thus the range of volume “0” is also greatly reduced!
A great disappointment which without completely depriving us of the pleasure of reading this volume, comes all the same to spoil it.

We end with clashes putting the pure and hard action at the center of the story, and unsurprisingly, it is always so well done and mastered.

A very good volume with its share of surprises … but one of them turns out to be a gigantic disappointment that cancels out so many previous good ideas!

Chaos is total in Shibuya. Suguru Geto and his people separated the Tokyo district from the rest of the city by a gigantic iron curtain, in order to trap Gojo. The latter fights alone against the enemy, but has to worry about the hundreds of civilians, many of whom are thirsty. As he tries everything for everything, a single moment of weakness could be fatal to him. Fortunately, Yûji and some exorcists are also on hand to come as reinforcements.

The tumultuous arc of Shibuya continues, with all the desperate atmosphere already tied in the previous opus. If Jujutsu Kaisen has accustomed us to recurve arcs with not necessarily very high stakes, it is quite the opposite in this part of the story, which Gege Akutami makes us understand in an ideal opening to launch the real objectives of this great battle. The mangaka is even very astute in his way of treating the character of Satoru Gojo as a scriptwriting spring. Because the blindfolded exorcist is presented as a monster of power, you had to play cunning to make sense of the character’s role. This is what this eleventh tome does, justifying a potential defeat while delivering surprising information about Suguru, and giving real impact to the character’s absence in such a universe. A kind of stroke of genius, since we would almost be tempted to see the overpowered exorcist being totally defeated to observe the chaotic fallout of this event within the script of the series.

The stake therefore evolves slowly throughout the volume, the major rebound having the interest of putting Yûji forward, but not only him. We can feel the author’s desire to always juggle between his characters, students and mentors in order not to forget anyone. If Nobara has been put forward more recently, it is therefore Megumi who recovers a notable role, by its combination with the hero which gives a nice little meaning to the confrontation which closes the opus. So there is quite a balance in place here, resulting in an eleventh volume whose pace never weakens.

But Gege Akutami is not satisfied with multiplying the clashes in a classic way, since he manages to narrate a lot of things through it. The introduction of new enemies is not risky, and it is in a few boxes that he manages to connect the fate of these masters of plagues to the stakes of the universe. It’s quite simple but sufficient to give a little more solidity to the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. Coupled with always lively and intense fights, there is therefore no reason to shun your pleasure.

In short, the Shibuya arc is evolving in a good way, setting strong goals while taking into account multiple aspects of the universe (including elements of volume 0), always giving us our dose of action by the leg. stylized by the author, and offering a good balance in the management of the characters. It’s intense and addicting, while maintaining our uncertainty as to what happens next. Depending on the verdict of this arc, Jujutsu Kaisen could evolve drastically, and that’s what leaves us curious.