Discover the ending of the finale of Chainsaw Man season 1

Time really flew by at the end of 2022. It’s been some time now since the anime chain saw man caused a tidal wave by landing in the world of japanimation. But it’s already time to think about the conclusion of this first exercise, which was so high.

Credits: MAPPA

What can the next episode of Chainsaw Man, which will be released in a few days, have in store?

The end of the first act

2022 will have been an exceptional year for the anime and manga industry in many ways. New franchises have taken off and set out to conquer the world. Among these newcomers, it is impossible to miss the franchise chain saw man.

Just like My Hero Academia, Spy x Family, and Bleach, Chainsaw Man proved to be among the best anime of the year. And while the time has come to lower the curtain, Mappa has planned a little surprise that will certainly delight fans.

For the broadcast of the last episode of the first season of Chainsaw Man, a brand new ending theme will be added. And as for its content, we let you discover it below:

The countdown begins

As you just discovered below, Chainsaw Man’s brand new ending is titled “Fight Song”. This ending theme is performed by Japanese artist Eve. This name must surely tell you a few days since the singer is also the interpreter of the opening theme Kaikai Kitan of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Apart from the broadcast of the final episode of season 1, he still has a lot to say about Chainsaw Man. Not so long ago, Tatsuki Fujimoto, the artist behind this manga, returned to the limelight after a long hiatus. The second part of the Chainsaw Man manga has thus debuted.

We therefore conclude that Denji still has a bright future ahead of him. As for the anime adaptation, Mappa hasn’t confirmed anything about the second season yet. Suffice to say that the fans are hanging on the lips of the producers to learn more.

What did you think of the first season of Chainsaw Man? Has Mappa kept all its promises? Will a season 2 be obvious? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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