DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the Jujutsu Kaisen film in France, a VF for Dragon Quest, the amazing Sabikui Bisco!

This week, we’re talking about plagues, fantastic quests and mysterious illnesses in our 3 anime recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.



In a Japan where the negative feelings felt by humans gradually turn into demonic creatures, exorcists are trained to successfully kill them. More and more powerful, these monsters called scourges, are capable of dragging people into terrible misfortunes or even killing them.

Yuji Itadori, an ordinary high school student, one day devours a demon’s finger while trying to save a friend attacked by a plague. From then on, he finds himself forced to have to share his body with Ryômen Sukuna, as dangerous as he is powerful. To ward off the threat once and for all, and prevent him from being sentenced to death, Yuji will have to find all the other fingers of the Sukuna.

It’s been the buzzing event of 2020, and two years later, Jujutsu Kaisen promises to keep the talk going! Gege Akutami’s work offers you an exciting and dynamic dark fantasy atmosphere, all enhanced by ultra-quality animation by MAPPA.

The series, which can boast of having a range of very charismatic characters, offers us a tasty mix of action, humor and fantasy that has delighted a large number of fans in season 1!

And after such a success, his prequel film released last December in Japan could only be a success. A popularity which, once again, crosses continents to land in France. Indeed, the feature film will soon be released in cinemas in France. Something to delight us while waiting for a big announcement around the series scheduled for February 12.


Daï lives on the island of Dermline, and despite his admiration for heroes, he is training to become a mage with his adoptive father, the magimol Brass. One day, the arrival of a band of companions led by a hero aboard a boat fills Dai with excitement, but unfortunately it was a forger. His goal ? Capture a one-of-a-kind mythical creature, the gooey gold metal, Gomechan. In order to get his best friend back, Dai goes after the fake hero and his gang, armed with the magic tubes given to him by Brass.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Dérolin brags about Goméchan’s capture to the King of Romos, but Daï catches up with him and manages to recover Goméchan with the help of the monsters locked in the magic tubes. Moved by Dai’s courage in battle, the King of Romos congratulates him and bestows him with the Conqueror’s Tiara, but he soon has to return to his magic training. Then another ship arrives on the island, with on board Bishop Temjin, Baron the Wise and Princess Leona.

Delightful in more ways than one, this remake of the cult series Fly is thrilling to perfection. His little hero with a pure heart and thirsty for justice is super endearing, just like his companions and the myriad of nice monsters inhabiting his island. Adapted from the video game saga of the same name, Dragon Quest is a safe bet of classic Shônen.

The anime will seduce the youngest, who will have fun with Daï’s jokes and humor, as much as the older ones, who will be carried away by the dynamism of the fights and its heroic story. Don’t miss this staple of Japanese animation, which has undergone a superb facelift thanks to the Toei (Dragon Ball) studio! In addition, the VF is coming soon on ADN and Crunchyroll! That is the demand of the people ? In the meantime, the anime in VF arrives on January 31 on Game One.


In an alternate Japan, the country is ravaged by a kind of plague causing the human body to rust. In order to save his dying mentor, Bisco Akaboshi, a notorious terrorist and cannibal, decides to go in search of the legendary medicinal mushroom named Sabikui which is said to be a cure for rust.

On his way, he meets Milo, a young doctor also in search of a remedy to treat his big sister, leader of the militia looking for Bisco to kill him.

Welcome the very young Oz studio and its first production: Sabikui Bisco. And after a trailer that turned out to be extremely promising, this unpretentious little series did not disappoint us. Fluid, dynamic and colorful, the first episodes of this fantasy amaze us!

Enter a cyberpunk and “monstrous” universe, where action-packed scenes and rock OST combine to offer you a scenario as thrilling as it is original. And with a badass character like Bisco Akaboshi, it’s hard to resist.

The anime also gives you the choice of language with a high quality weekly VF simuldub.