Dragon Ball, Bleach, Chainsaw Man : la folie de la Jump Festa

News culture Dragon Ball, Bleach, Chainsaw Man : la folie de la Jump Festa

Who says Jump Festa says a rain of announcements in the world of manga and adaptations. The Jump Festa 22nd edition took place this weekend and here’s what we remember!

The Jump Festa is a festival organized by the Shueisha. During a weekend, the publisher highlights his flagship works and often, lots of announcements are made. It must be remembered that all the dates announced are the Japanese release dates and may be different in France. Now, it’s time to take a look back at this ad-packed weekend:

  • Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero was one of the big pieces of the Jump Festa, a new trailer was released and above all, the exact date of the theatrical release. The Japanese will therefore be able to see the film from the 22 avril 2022 At the movie theater.
  • One Piece quickly had the right to its stroke of brilliance since the character design of the characters of the film One Piece Red were unveiled during the festival.
  • The biggest was on the side of My Hero Academia, a trailer for season 6 was revealed as well as the period d” Fall 2022 for its broadcast on Japanese television. MHA manga artist Koei Horikoshi also made a big announcement. The My Hero Academia manga is scheduled to end in 2022.
  • Bleach has had a new trailer for the anime adaptation of its latest arc and the official release date is October 2022.
  • Chainsaw Man will make a comeback. Summer 2022 will mark the arrival of the second part of the manga on the Jump + platform and the anime has been confirmed for 2022 without further details.
  • The last trailer before the release of the film préquel Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was shown to the public. As a reminder, the film will be released on December 24 in Japan.
  • Kenshin Le Vagabond is going to have a new anime project by Liden Films studio (Tokyo Revengers)
  • The anime of Naruto turns 20, a new Hokage edition has been announced in France as well as nice visuals for the occasion and a new arc titled “Kawaki” for Boruto was presented.
  • Dr Stone, the work of Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi had 2 trailers. The first for his special episode on Ryusui who is planned for summer 2022 and the other for his season 3 which is in production. The dissemination of this is scheduled for 2023, it will be necessary to be patient.
  • Spy X Family, the success of the manga on the Jump + application has had a new trailer and we know that thethe first season will be in 2 parts. The first will start in avril 2022.
  • Hell’s Paradise will have an anime adaptation. The manga is made by Yuji Kaku, a former aide of Tatsuki Fujimoto (Chainsaw Man, Fire Punch), it was published on the Jump + platform. Its adaptation will be produced by MAPPA studios (Jujutsu Kaisen) who revealed it all with an 80 second trailer. To finish an atheatrical adaptation of the manga will be produced in the fall of 2022.
  • L’ecchi (manga intended for an adult audience due to the naked scene) Ayakashi Triangle is currently underway on the Shonen Jump. During the festival, the twitter account put a visual and therefore announces the adaptation of the manga into an animated series.

Outside the Jump Party, 2 great announcements have been made. So here’s a little bonus:

  • The movie Slam Dunk, the cult manga on basketball has the right to a new visual and its release is scheduled for fall 2022.
  • Toman fans will not be disappointed. The war between the gangs will continue on our screens since the new season of Tokyo Revengers has been confirmed. She will adapt the “Christmas Showdown” arc. Note that a mobile game is coming to Japan.

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