Dragon Ball Super Chapter 083: First images and summary

Chapter 83 of Dragon Ball Super for this month of March 2022. The V-Jump had already brought some sketches and details on the chapter. This is the 17th chapter of the Granola the Survivor arc.. The chapter officially releases on Wednesday April 20. The chapter is available in French by the BMX Team.

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First images of Dragon Super Chapter 83

This chapter comes out in the edition dated June 2022 from V-Jump magazine.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83: Bardock Vs Gas 2

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1650304675 228 Dragon Ball Super Chapter 083 First images and summary

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– Gas and Bardock continue to trade attacks. In the distance, we can see “Torombo”, the dragon that Monite summoned.
– Monite asks the dragon to send Bardock back to his home planet.
– Torombo contacts Bardock and tells him that he will send him to Planet Vegeta at Monite’s request.
– Bardock doesn’t know what’s going on and who’s talking to him. Torombo explains that he is a wish-granting dragon. Gas wonders who Bardock is talking to, then he sees the dragon in the distance.
– Torombo tells Monite that Bardock refused the wish. We see Bardock saying that Saiyans don’t run away from their enemies even if they are going to die.
– Bardock and Gas are still fighting. Monite speaks telepathically with Bardock and asks him to leave as Bardock can help others like he did with him.
– Bardock refuses again, he won’t leave until he defeats Gas.
– Monite then asks Bardock if he has any other wish since he wants to help him no matter what. Bardock wonders if Monite will ask for the wish from a shooting star (he hasn’t seen the dragon yet).
– Bardock: “”Well then, yeah…May my sons grow up well…I wish them luck””
– Elec, Maki and Oil watch the explosions of the fight between Bardock and Gas. Suddenly, they see a light in the distance that rises in the sky and then splits into two.
– They wonder what it is, since the light appears in the area where the Namekian’s house is. Oil makes a wish, Maki tells him it’s not a shooting star.
– Elec tells them not to worry about it and to get Frieza’s ship because it will arrive soon.
– Monite looks at the sky as the Dragon Balls leave. He then looks at Granola, who is still sleeping.
– Monite: “Wishes should be used to give hope for the future. Selfish wishes only bring ruin. I almost made a big mistake. Now I have to focus on protecting that hope.”
– Gas hits Bardock with Ki balls. Bardock defends himself but in the end he falls to the ground very tired.
– Gas approaches him and grabs his tail, then he shakes Bardock and finally pulls his tail off by force.
– Gas: “You can’t turn into a giant ape anymore!!”
– Gas creates a spear with his powers and throws it at Bardock, but Monite gets in the way and the spear goes through Monite’s shoulder.
– Monite: “I’m sorry for what I did before. I decided I had to protect Granola on my own.”
– Gas enrages and unleashes his instincts 100% (he takes his “Broly” form). Gas attacks the two violently, Monite crashes on rocks.
– Gas grabs Bardock’s neck and tells him that now he no longer has the Namekian to protect him. He also tells Bardock that he will find the child and kill him.
– Bardock laughs and tells Gas that things shouldn’t be decided without relying on others. He won’t die until he defeats Gas.
– Bardock creates a large ball of Ki in his hand and detonates it. Gas lets go of Bardock who starts attacking Gas repeatedly, it looks like Bardock has regained his strength.
– Gas asks Bardock why he keeps fighting if he can’t win, if he’s doing it to make amends for his sins. Bardock says no.
– Gas then asks Bardock if he’s doing it for revenge, Bardock again says no.
– Gas is furious and demands an answer from Bardock. Then he attacks Bardock.
– Bardock: “Of course it’s obvious. When you’re in a fight to the death, what kind of idiot thinks of anything other than ‘winning’?”
– An aura covers Bardock’s body, then he easily stops Gas’ punch. Then Bardock punches Gas hard in the stomach.
– Bardock: “The only reason I fight is to see if I can beat the other bastard who stands against me. That’s all I care about.”
– Gas wonders what’s going on, how is it possible that Bardock got stronger if the Saiyans have no other way to do that than to turn into giant apes.
– Bardock: “You may not know that. When we exceed our limits, we often evolve. We Saiyans”
– Bardock continues to attack Gas. Elec watches the fight from afar.
– Bardock charges a ball of Ki into his hand, this will be his last attack. He then throws it at Gas, who fully takes the attack.
– Gas falls to the ground unconscious, he has regained his normal form. Bardock also falls to the ground exhausted.
– Elec walks up to his brother, looks at him, and tells him he should practice more. As Elec is about to collect Gas to leave, he sees that Bardock is still alive.
– Bardock asks Elec if they are Frieza’s allies, Elec laughs and asks Bardock if he knows what Frieza really has in mind.
– Elec: “Kukuku… You Saiyans are lucky. A meteor could fall near your heads.”
“Bardock doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Elec tells Bardock that now that he heard it he must die and shoots Bardock with a gun.
– The shot goes through Bardock’s right arm, then Bardock falls off a cliff into a forest.
– Elec is going to finish off Bardock, but Maki calls him and tells Elec that Frieza’s ship has arrived.
– Elec shoots several times in the area where Bardock fell and walks away with Gas, because Bardock was so badly injured that he will die even if Elec doesn’t kill him now.
– Monite arrives where Bardock is and begins to heal him (although he is also injured). Both and Granola survived.
– Monite: “You win, Bardock!”
– In the last page, we see that Bardock’s scouter turns off, a sign that Elec has gone far enough that the scouter can no longer detect it.

Translation of the pages into French by us (Bleach-Mx) and those of our friends from Dragon Ball Super France and DB-z.com.

1650304676 774 Dragon Ball Super Chapter 083 First images and summary

Volume 18 was released on April 4, 2022 in Japan. the volume 17 of Dragon Ball Super will be released on July 6, 2022 in France.

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Manga: 83 Chapters

Current Arc: Granola the Survivor Arc
Original creator: Akira Toriyama
Illustrator: Toyotarō
1st post: June 20, 2015
Publishing magazine: V-Jump (Shueisha)
Frequency: Monthly (end of month)

Anime: 131 Episodes + 2 Movies

(End: Tournament of Power)
Last episode: : “Dragon Ball Super – Broly” – March 13, 2019
Next episode: : Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero: New trailer and presentation of the new form of Piccolo
First broadcast: July 5, 2015
Hourly: Every day at 6:30 p.m. on Toonami in VF, Sundays at 9 a.m. on TFX.

Dragon Ball © Akira Toriyama/Shueisha, Toei Animation, Fuji TV

Sources: V Jump, Dragon Ball Official | Artwork: by VS animations