Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO: Box Office in France (Week 3)

Thank you goodbye. After clinging to 10th place last week, the Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO film has definitively left the Top 10 of the French box office for its 3rd week of release in the territory. In total, the latest Dragon Ball movie has still managed to gather some 348,166 viewers so far, where DBS Broly had gathered 534,458.

  • Dragon Ball Super BROLY [SEMAINE 3] : 534,458 entries
  • Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO [SEMAINE 3] : 348,166 entries

We will repeat it as much as necessary, but it is not only because the film was released late that it collects such figures. Indeed, even if DBS Super Hero was released 4 months after Japan, DBS Broly was still released 3 months late. DBS Broly had certainly had previews earlier, but even if you exclude the previews, DBS Broly pulverized DBS Super Hero in terms of numbers, even without counting the previews. We will rather have to look for the reason for this semi-flop on the piracy side, and despite the denial of part of the community, we must also see the truth in the face: Super Hero failed to generate big hype. Blame it on a bad promo? Blame it on the CGI? The fault of an almost non-existent promotion? We are waiting for your guesses in the comments.

This trend is not French: the film did not work in Japan either (where Demon Salyer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Conan nevertheless posted exceptional scores over the same period), nor in any other country outside the United States. States, according to official figures. But beware : attendance numbers don’t always reflect the quality of a movie, and Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO is far from a bad movie, as most press reviews reflect.. Our Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO movie review is also online.

Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO movie box office (Week 3)

1 October 05 to 12, 2022 218,070 218,070
2 October 12 to 19, 2022 83,380 301 450
3 October 19 to 26, 2022 46,716 348 166

The box office of the Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO film for its week #3 in French cinemas was published by CBO Box Office and relayed by Allocin. The observation is the same as for the first week: despite its qualities, it is a film that will not have convinced a large part of the fans of the license, nor the French public.

The difference between Broly and Super Hero is big, but it must however be emphasized that the last Dragon Ball Super movie is not helped:

  • A late release VS an early piracy: The film was already available in a pirated version in June, whereas it was only released in France in October.
  • Bad promo: A lot of my friends didn’t know a Dragon Ball movie was in theaters.
  • The press reviews are average.
  • And to all that, you add the drop in purchasing power: Cinema is very expensive, “it’s the end of abundance”.

And as a reminder, here are the results for the DBS Broly movie week by week.