Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero starts at the top of the US box office, Top Gun 2 beats Avengers 3

While Bullet Train loses first place, Maverick continues to break records. (Source: French Film)

After 15 days at the top of the American ranking, Bullet Train drops to third position with the arrival of two new products: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (which will be released in France on October 5) and Beast, with Idris Elba. The animated film recorded $20.1 million in first-weekend receipts, an impressive new start for Crunchyroll after those of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (17.6 million at the start of the year) and Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train (21.2 million in 2021). The success of the “Japan Animation” is visibly spreading in the West: in France, at the moment, it is One Piece: Red which is at the top of the ranking with more than 500,000 curious people gathered at the cinema in the first week.

Japanimation special premiere special issue (n°18 – July-August 2022)

Beast is therefore second, with 11.5 million green tickets collected in 3,743 cinemas, i.e. 700 more than for dragonball, and approximately the same distribution as the action film carried by Brad Pitt, which follows it with 8 million additional dollars, that is to say 68 million earned in three weeks in the United States. An honorable score, but which does not reimburse this production of 90 million for the moment (on the other hand, by counting its receipts abroad, the film crosses 150 million dollars in receipts).

Top Gun: Maverick and Krypto and the Super Animals complete the top 5 with 5 million dollars each, which allows the suite worn by Tom Cruise to cross 680 million dollars in the USA, and thus beat the score ofAvengers: Infinity War (678 million raised in 2019). Another 17 million to pocket and it will become the 5th biggest hit of all time by doubling the 700 million Black Panther.

US box office weekend August 19-21, 2022:

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