Dying Light 2: A colossal lifespan for the zombie-packed open-world action-RPG!

Game news Dying Light 2: A colossal lifespan for the zombie-packed open-world action-RPG!

Announced in 2018 and expected for 2021, Dying Light 2 has finally seen its release postponed to February 4, 2022. A date that should not be postponed any longer, the title having gone gold several weeks ago. In the meantime, Techland’s game shows itself from every angle and the studio announces a huge lifespan.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will put players in the shoes of Aiden Caldwell, a survivor evolving in a world ruined by an infection that turned most humans into zombies. Playable in first person and offering melee, shooting, skills, quests, exploration, crafting and parkour mechanics, the title should offer a colossal lifespan to players wishing to complete it 100%.

Several hundred hours on the program

A few days ago, Techland presented the skills of our character, announcing great freedom of action and movement. The whole thing was illustrated by a superb trailer in 4K, and by a new interview carried out in-house, in which the studio detailed its approach to the HUD, its customization and accessibility options. But this weekend, Techland communicated again, in order to inform us that it will be necessary we hang on to get the 100% of completion.

On Twitter, the studio said that to do it all and see it all in Dying Light 2, it will take at least 500 hours! A colossal lifespan, which the developers compare with the time it takes to walk from Warsaw to Madrid. However, and faced with the reactions of the players, the studio specifies that we are indeed talking about the total completion of the game, and that the campaign accompanied by a few sides will require 70-80 hours of play to most “in no rush” players.

To fully complete Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you will need at least 500 hours, almost as much as it would take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid! Note: This is about a 100% completion rate, most players interested in the story and side quests will be able to complete the game faster, but it will still be a solid experience!

In one another tweet serving as an update To these statements, Techland said:

The 500 hours is tied to the maximum game time – complete all quests, endings, and explore all parts of the world, but a regular player should complete the story + side quests and do a lot of exploration in less than 100 hours, so don’t worry!

Still, in any case, Techland has significantly upgraded its content compared to the first episode, released in 2015. By going for a quick look at the How Long to Beat site, which allows you to get an idea of ​​the time needed to finish a title in various configurations, we realize that it took about 17.5 hours straight line play time to see the credits, 35 hours to go through the content, and approximately 55 hours for 100%. According to the studio’s statements, the playing time necessary for the total completion of Dying Light 2 was multiplied more than 9 times.

Dying Light 2: A colossal lifespan for the zombie-packed open-world action-RPG!

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