Editing. “One Piece”, “Attack on Titan”: the 12 best-selling books thanks to the culture pass

The 12 most purchased books thanks to the Culture Pass, which offers 300 euros to spend on young people reaching 18, are … all manga.

According to figures revealed Thursday by the magazine Weekly Books, Japanese comics overwhelmingly dominate the ranking of the company that manages this device, SAS Pass Culture.

The podium consists of the series One Piece (308,743 copies, all volumes combined), Demon Slayer (196,114 copies) and The attack of the Titans (186,578 copies). Follow My Hero Academia (152 729), Jujutsu Kaisen (115 892), Berserk (109,189) and Naruto (105,571), before four other series with less than 100,000 copies.

The annotated Civil Code acclaimed

Apart from manga, the most purchased book with the Culture Pass interests law students: the annotated Civil Code of Dalloz editions (18,804 copies, 13th in the ranking).

In the novel, it’s the saga The Bridgertons Chronicle of the American Julia Quinn, adapted in series by Netflix, which comes first (11,071 copies, 17th). She is ahead 365 days by Polonaise Blanka Lipinska (9,414 copies, 20th), also adapted on Netflix, in film.

Very popular bestsellers on social networks are also in this ranking: Burn after writing (13,428 copies, 15th), a sort of giant Proust questionnaire that appeals to adolescents and young adults, and Always more + = + by YouTuber Léna Situations (11,634 copies, 16th).

The system will soon be extended to teenagers aged 15 and over

As a reminder, the Culture Pass allows you to book almost all possible books online, with the exception of school or extracurricular books, for purchase in bookstores. SAS Pass Culture specified that nearly 165,000 different works had been reserved.

This device intended to promote “knowledge of and access to cultural offers” will be extended to adolescents aged 15 and over from January 1.