Episode 11 air date and time!

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 is scheduled to air on Tuesday, December 20 at 6 p.m. PT on Crunchyroll.

The recent string of Chainsaw Man episodes left fans on the edge of their seat. New villains have been introduced, important people diedMakima’s powers were exploredwithout forgetting the meeting ofAki with the Demon-Future. Now that there are only two episodes left in this season, fans are wondering what will happen next.

Previously on Chainsaw Man…

Aki being hospitalized, Denji and Power decide to visit him. Naturally, they start fighting over apples, and Aki asks them who else from Division 4 survived, to which they reply that only Kobeni and Madoka survived. After Denji and Power leave, Aki asks the Demon-Curse how long he has left, two years is the answer he gets.. Aki mourns over Himeno’s death, and Denji hears him cry, wondering if he might have a chance to get back the comic he left inside. Denji doesn’t understand why he didn’t cry for Himeno, even though she was his very first friend. He then wonders if he would cry for Power if she died.

The scene cuts to Makimawhich takes Denji and Power for their new training with Kishibe. He takes them both in his arms, then crushes their bodies. He introduces himself as the best demon hunter and says that any demon able to kill him will be the strongest, and he will train them until they can defeat him. They start attacking him, but Kisibe repeatedly kills them.

Kurose and Tendo arrive to meet Aki and ask him if he still wishes to continue his service as a Demon Hunter. Aki replies that he hasn’t avenged his family yet. and Himeno, so he will continue to be a demon hunter. They then convince him to at least make a contract with a new demon to strengthen himself, because the demon-Fox is no longer his companion. After they leave, someone comes to meet Aki, and he is surprised by her visit.

After a tedious training on the first day, Power and Denji plan to defeat Kishibe using cheap cheats the next day.. But the latter sees through all their tricks and kills them. He cancels practice for the second day, stating that they were about to hit him. Aki, Kurose, and Tendo are seen in a dungeon-like location, and they ask Aki about the girl who visited him. He reveals that it was Himeno’s sister, and she reveals how badly she wanted him to leave Public Security. The episode ends with Aki’s first encounter with the Demon-Future.