Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24, 2022

It is now the turn of the “Vieux Fourneaux” to reach the top of the “Top 20 BD” while continuing to enjoy the joys of the “Top 20 GfK/ Weekly Books » all genres combined, of which he occupies the 3e place, alongside “Mortelle Adèle” T19 (4e), “Rantanplan Ark” (5e), “The Endless World” (15e) and “Solo Leveling” manga T8 (6e), “Dragonball Super” T18 (7e) and “Jujutsu Kaisen” T17 (17e). And as it is the period of the exits of blockbusters from 9(e) art, they are still six to join the prize list specific to comics: starting with “The next Spring T2: After the rain” by Margaux Motin.

1669192803 837 Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24As you have understood, the leading trio of the “Top 20 BD” does not change, down to the detail of the respective positions of the titles that compose it: it turns, it turns… Just behind, continuing its commercial progression (endless!) , the book by Christophe Blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici (“Le Monde sans fin”) is on its way with now nearly 650,000 firm sales on the counter (recent publisher source) for a first print run, let us remember, which had no summer ” that of 60,000 copies!

1669192803 18 Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24First entry in the “Top 20 BD”, in 6e position, the second volume of the diptych “The Next Spring” by Margaux Motin, printed in 90,000 copies by Casterman, won the 6e place in the “Top 20 BD”, just behind “Les Sisters” T17, which resists in 5e position. In this new part, where she puts herself on stage and which she develops in the humorous-sensitive genre that characterizes her, Margaux feels that her couple is wavering and is refocusing on herself to find herself, with her fears and weaknesses but also his strengths…

1669192803 180 Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24Just behind, the 40e episode of “Thorgal”, illustrated by Fred Vignaux on a story by Yann, won the 7e place in the “Top 20 comics”. Closing the diptych begun with “Neokóra”, “Tupilaks” (printed in 105,000 copies by Lombard editions) takes the child of the stars to the depths of his origins, to the heart of the bowels of the Atlantean colonizing ship which once crashed on Earth, for a story skilfully combining science fiction and fantasy.

1669192803 952 Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24Then you have to wait until the 13e place in the comics charts to see three new releases appear one after the other. Signing the second part of his diptych produced in homage to American cinema and evoking thrillers hard-boiled of the 1950s, Enrico Marini stages all the ingredients necessary for a good noir novel during the conclusion of “Black burlesque”, printed in 60,000 copies by Dargaud editions.

1669192803 903 Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24From the same publisher and benefiting from the same print run, “The Wolf in Slips T7: The Wolf in Slips Tears Out”, by screenwriter Wilfrid Lupano and illustrator Mayana Itoïz, arrives in 14e position of the “Top 20 BD”, with a travelogue in the “ not like us during which the wolf discovers new landscapes and other cultures.

1669192803 903 Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24Beyond the Lands of Arran lies a vast and rich continent, as mysterious as it is dangerous, inhabited by wild animals and mysterious peoples and which are called the Lands of Ogon. To the north of this territory, the Kulu people are under the protection of immortal gods with red skin: the Zul Kassaï, hence the title of this 1er volume of the new series of fantasy “The Lands of Ogon”. Written by Jean-Luc Istin and drawn by Kiko Duarté, it was printed in 32,000 copies by Soleil editions and it joined the “Top 20 BD” at the 15e square.

1669192803 948 Focus on the best comic book sales of November 24Last entry of the week, in 20e ranking position, 18e collection of the very nice children’s series “Ariol”, due to the combined talents of Emmanuel Guibert for the texts and Marc Boutavant for the illustrations, was printed in 55,000 copies by Bayard editions (BD Kids label). The young boy plays Tonton Pedro’s guitar there, discovers the canteen and irritates the dog Dix-Huit of Grandpa Atole and Grandma Annette, whom he makes play Colin Maillard. The latter gives his name to the album: “Old Flea Bag”!

And finally, from this classification where only three collections of “Mortell Adèle” remain in all, we can also retain the departures of “Zombillenium” T6, “Sorceline” T5, “Les Légendaires resistance” T2, “Hoka Key! » and « The Blue Tunics » T66.

Laurent Turpin

Top 20 comics (copyright GfK/Weekly Books) from 7 to 13 November 2022

1st (+2) The Old Furnaces T7 Hot like the weather Paul Cauuet, Wilfrid Lupano DARGAUD
2nd (-1) Deadly Adele T19 Face of Berk! Diane Le Feyer, Mr Tan BAYARD YOUTH
3rd (-1) Lucky Luke T10 (The Adventures of… according to Morris) Rantanplan Arch Achde, Jul LUCKY COMICS
4th (+1) The endless world Christophe Blain, Jean-Marc Jancovici DARGAUD
5th (-1) The Sisters T17 In your dreams ! William Maury, Christophe Cazenove BAMBOO
6th new The following Spring T2 After the rain Margaux Motin CASTERMAN
7th new Thorgal T40 Tupilaks Fred Vignaux, Yann LOMBARD
8th (-1) Matteo T6 Sixth Epoch (September 2, 1939 – June 3, 1940) Jean-Pierre Gibrat FUTUROPOLIS
9th (-3) XIII T28 Cuba, where it all began Yuri Jigounov, Yves Sente DARGAUD
10th (-2) Ball and Bill T43 Bill’s Breakaway Jean Bastide, Christophe Cazenove DARGAUD
11th (-2) Adele Blanc-Sec T10 The Buttes-Chaumont Baby late CASTERMAN
12th (=) Deadly Adele T1 All this will end badly Miss Prickly, Mr Tan BAYARD YOUTH
13th new Burlesque Black T2 Enrico Marini DARGAUD
14th new The Wolf in T7 briefs The Wolf in his underpants tears himself away Mayana Itoïz, Wilfrid Lupano DARGAUD
15th new The Lands of Ogon T1 Zul Kassai Kiko Duarte, Jean-Luc Istin SUN
16th (+1) The Last Queen Jean-Marc Rochette CASTERMAN
17th (-2) Deadly Adele T2 Hell is other people Miss Prickly, Mr Tan BAYARD YOUTH
18th (-8) A fucking bastard T3 Guajerai Olivier Pont, Régis Loisel SEVRES STREET
19th (-5) Children of the Resistance T8 fight or die Benoit Ers, Vincent Dugommier THE LOMBARD
20th new Ariol T18 Old flea bag! Marc Boutavant, Emmanuel Guibert BAYARD-BD KIDS