Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27, 2021

“Attack on Titan”, with its final episode (1), seizes the two (yes, the two!) first places of the “Top 20 BD Weekly Books »All genres, in its versions collector (1st) and classic (2nd). The manga besides invade in number the general list, since one also finds there “Demon slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba” T19 of Koyoharu Gotouge (Panini Manga), 5th and 16th in its boxed version with a novel (written with Aya Yajima ), “Jujutsu kaisen T11: The Drama of Shibuya: overture” by Gege Akutami (Ki-oon), 7th, “Kaiju n ° 8” T1 by Naoya Matsumoto (Kazé manga), 10th, “Blue Lock” T4 by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yûsuke Nomura (Pika), 18th and … the revival of “Goldorak”, 7th, which obviously also joins (and in the head) the “Top 20 BD”, just like “The Legendaries resistance” T1, “The Blue Tunics” T64, “Sorceline” T4 and “Sapiens” T2.

1635289509 521 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27What to say ? Manga or Franco-Belgian title? A bit of both, my general, since the cult work of Gō Nagai is of Asian origin, it is moreover the broadcast of his animated episodes in the famous “Club Dorothée”, 43 years ago, which launched the genre in France. A true social phenomenon, “Goldorak” made a whole generation dream, including Xavier Dorison and Denis Bajram, Brice Cossu, Alexis Sentenac and Yoann Guillo, at the origin of this rebirth coupled with a vibrant tribute, of French origin. therefore, but published by Kana – the Manga subsidiary of Média Participations – up to 165,000 copies!

In this episode, facing the last representatives of Vega who are trying to colonize Japan. You will have everything about this exciting come-back in the future article, to be published on Sunday on under the signature of Laurent Lessous.

Let us also underline the incredible fervor aroused by this publication among the ” children“By Goldorak (and their children too, no doubt): the reception of the title is totally delusional, like the 2,500 people present and the 1,000 dedications made by the authors, during a meeting organized around” Goldorak ”in Le Mans at the Royal Abbey of Epau; a filmed encounter that you can discover below:

1635289509 593 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27Finally, note that this 2021 “Grendizer” has benefited from a limited edition large format of 10,000 copies (already out of print) with a variant cover and a reprint of the Goldorak plan, all in a box. This particular edition (the cover of which appears on the front page of this article) takes the 6e instead of the “Top 20 Comics”.

1635289509 912 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27Located in the World Without world, the series “Resistance” is set 20 years after the end of the main series “The Legendaries”. While the heroes have hung up their weapons and founded a family, a great cataclysm unleashes a succession of catastrophes on the surface of the globe. The gods, responsible for the disaster, are back … Patrick Sobral (screenwriter, chara-designer and storyboarder) and Jenny (designer) are at the helm of this new spin-offof which the first opus: “the Gods are love”, printed at 160,000 copies by the Delcourt editions, arrives at the 3e place of the “Top 20 BD”, just behind “Blacksad” T6.

1635289510 490 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27Down one rank, Étienne Davodeau’s “Le Droit du sol: journal d’un vertige” now occupies the 4e place of the classification, in front of “The Blue Tunics n ° 64: Where is Arabesque?” “: 5e. Ultimate account of the adventures of Sergeant Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch signed by the late and fabulous screenwriter Raoul Cauvin (died August 19, read: Raoul Cauvin: the man-orchestra of the screenplay leaves his couch empty …), the episode, taken to 105,000 copies by Dupuis editions (18 million albums sold for the entire series!), sends the two protagonists of the series in a hilarious road movie, in search of Arabesque, the intelligent mare of Blutch (who, let us remember, plays dead during the cavalry charges!). Willy Lambil remains at the graphic controllers of the series, of which he has already drawn the 65e album released a year ago (“The Special Envoy”).

1635289510 335 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27

The other two entries of the week are registered respectively at the 10e and at the 11e place in the “Top 20 Comics”:

– “Sorceline T4: Dream and nightmort!” », The new adventure of the young student in cryptozoology passionate about the study of legendary animals, developed by the female duo formed by Paola Antista (in the texts) and Sylvia Douyé (in the drawings), has been printed in 50,000 copies by the Vents d’Ouest editions. Sorcelin is in danger! The fantastic animal that she is the only one to see is an omen. It is said that the person before whom he appears must soon die …

1635289510 520 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27

– “Sapiens, a history of humanity T2: The Pillars of Civilization”. After a first volume published in 2020, sold over 180,000 copies in French (while a million has already been printed worldwide in more than 30 languages), David Vandermelen continues the very successful adaptation of the work by Yuval Noah Harari, devoted to the evolution of man, with designer Daniel Cazenave. In this new chapter, the authors are interested in the agricultural revolution, when the Sapiens no longer live together in tens of individuals, but by millions … Humans then erect the pillars of civilization, but also fall into a trap which we do not are not out yet! The initial print run of this volume 2 is 150,000 copies, by Albin Michel editions.

1635289510 191 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27

That’s it for today with this new ranking which sees the disappearance of “Corto Maltese” and “Undertaker”, where “In the head of Sherlock Holmes” T2 drops 12 places, “Antananarivo” from 10 and “Batman Fortnite” Point Zero ”of 9, and where it is also notable to note that the collections of the series“ Mortelle Adèle ”are only four in number.

Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27To finish, a little bit of gauloiserie! Of course, time lag requires, we have not yet spoken of the commercial bulldozer “Asterix and the griffon” – see while waiting “Asterix and the griffon”: the mission that came from the cold … – which, no doubt, will settle directly at the top (and for a few weeks) of the ranking of best-selling books, from next week. Just before the expected exit from the future best-sellersigned by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, Sylvie Uderzo and her mother Ada had the excellent idea of ​​reactivating the Uderzo Prizes, for which your servant was the jury in his time, in 2006 and 2007 when the winners were announced in Obélix Depardieu’s restaurant.

It was at the Maillol museum in Paris, as part of the sumptuous exhibition “Uderzo, like a magic potion” (extended until October 31, run there, you have little time left) that took place last Tuesday. he 2021 edition of these highly endowed prizes which crowned the best album (€ 6,000 endowment): Jordi Lafebre for “Despite everything” (Dargaud), for the best drawing (€ 5,000 endowment); tied Olivier Taduc for “Le Réveil du tigre” (screenplay Serge Le Tendre, Dupuis), and Frank Pé for “La Bête” (screenplay Zidrou, Dupuis) ​​and for the best contribution to the 9e art (5 000 € endowment): Xavier Coste for “1984” (Mailify): only albums that we have already advised you (2) !.

1635289510 190 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27

The 2021 jury was made up of Karine Albert (Fnac), Guillaume Canet (actor-director), Christophe Levent (journalist), Karim Mahfouf (humorist), Jean-Pierre Nakache (bookseller), Hervé di Rosa (painter), Charles de Saint -Sauveur (journalist), Sylvie Uderzo and Frédéric Vidal (journalist).

1635289510 528 Focus on the best comic book sales of October 27

See you next week…

Laurent TURPIN

(1) Read: Colossal conclusion for “Attack on Titan”! by Gwenaël Jacquet

(2) Read: “Despite everything”: a love story backwards signed Jordi Lafebre! By Gilles Ratier, “Chinaman”: a final tiger scratch for Olivier TaDuc and Serge Le Tendre! by Philippe Tomblaine, Three albums of the all too rare Frank Pé at once, including his exciting vision of Marsupilami! By Gilles Ratier and “1984” by George Orwell: a dystopian power squared! by Philippe Tomblaine.

Top 20 BD (copyright GfK/Weekly Books) from October 11 to 17, 2021

1 series new Grendizer Alexis Santenac, Brice Cossu, Denis Bajram, Xavier Dorison KANA
2e (-1) Blacksad T6 So everything falls T1 Juanjo Guarnido, Juan Diaz Canales DARGAUD
3e new The Legendary resistance T1 Gods are love Jenny, Patrick Sobral DELCOURT
4e (-1) The Law of the Ground: Diary of a Vertigo Etienne Davodeau FUTUROPOLIS
5e new Blue tunics T64 Where is Arabesque? Willy Lambil, Raoul Cauvin DUPUIS
6e new Grendizer Collector’s Box Alexis Santenac, Brice Cossu, Denis Bajram, Xavier Dorison KANA
7e (+9) Les Schtroumpfs T39 The Smurfs and the White Storm Alain Maury, Alain Jost, Thierry Culliford LOMBARD
8e (-4) new Crazy T9 Game Over Bruno Dequier DUPUIS
9e (-7) Spirou by Émile Bravo T4 Hope despite everything, part three: a start towards the end Emile Bravo DUPUIS
10e new Sorcelin T4 Dream and nightmare! Paola Antista, Sylvia Douyé WEST WINDS
11e new Sapiens : a briefe story of humanity T2 The Pillars of Civilization Daniel Casanave, David Vandermeulen [d’après Yuval Noah Harari] ALBIN MICHEL
12e (-7) Mortal Adele T1 It will all end badly Miss Prickly, Mr Tan TOURBILLON
13e (-4) Moon River Fabcaro 6 FEET UNDER THE GROUND
14e (-4) Raven T2 The Helllands Mathieu lauffray DARGAUD
15e (-9) Batman Fortnite Point Zero Reilly Brown, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard URBAN COMICS
18e (-10) Tananarive Sylvain Vallée, Mark Eacersall GLENATE
19e (-12) Inside Sherlock Holmes T2 The scandalous T2 ticket case Cyril Lieron, Benoït Dahan ANKAMA