“Frieren”, “Oshi no Ko”, “Look Back”… The 16 most anticipated manga of 2022

A particularly rich year has just ended, but it is already high time to look to the future. What do manga publishers have in store for us in 2022? In 2021, the manga market was marked by the massive use of the Culture Pass offered to young French people to fill its shelves. More or less recent essential series have largely benefited from this financial boost: One Piece, Beastars, One Punch Man, Berserk, My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Demon Slayer, Haikyū!!, The Promised Neverland, Jujutsu Kaisen, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Tokyo Ghoul or the essential The attack of the Titans were the stars of the past year.

We had already recommended some favorite series released in recent years (complete or still in progress) for the end of year celebrations. Very popular novelties such as the series that mixes family, espionage and superpowers SPY x FAMILY or the moving but more confidential road-trip My Broken Mariko. 13 atmospheres for 13 series, you can always shop there. But now is the time to get excited about something new. Here are the series that should excite you.

Our (non-exhaustive) selection of upcoming manga

1 – Horimiya (nobi nobi!) – from January 19, 2022
Let’s dive with both feet into a great manga classic: the high school plot. Horimya offers two crossed portraits of two high school students whose appearances are deceiving. On the one hand the popular Kyôko Hori, a young girl who actually has to live with parents who are obsessed with work and somewhat resigned. She has to manage her school and social life, but also household chores and her little brother. the other character is Izumi Miyamura a classmate of Hori. In high school, he looks like an introverted geek but in reality he is much more helpful and cool than his appearance might suggest… Misunderstandings, humor and exploration of friendship and love are at the program of this highly anticipated title.

2 – Oshi no Ko (Kurokawa) – since January 13, 2022
Music and dance stars are often referred to as “idols” in Japan. And here is a series that invites you to enter the daily life of one of them. The manga begins with Doctor Gorō, a rural obstetrician who knows nothing of show business. However, he is a fan of a very young idol: Ai Hoshino. The fan and the celebrity will meet and the manga will quickly switch to supernatural thriller with a very social purpose. All the limits of our current entertainment society will be dissected by authors Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari: influencers, exploited children, stars, predation by agencies, social networks… The public who have been deeply shocked by stories like that of Netflix reality TV star Terrace House, Hana Kimura (who committed suicide after an online hate campaign) will find themes here that they know only too well. Very contemporary.

"Oshi no Ko"

“Oshi no Ko”

Credit: Kurokawa

3 – Engagement Criminals (Pika) – from January 5, 2022
Marriage to find peace? here is a solution as old as it is risky… Two yakuza clans wish to unite by the bonds of marriage and this manga invites you to follow these two heirs: Yoshino, the granddaughter of the boss of the Somei clan protected from the violence of the mafia but lonely. And Kirishima, the grandson of the chief of the Miyama clan, who appears jovial and sympathetic while he hides a certain taste for violence. A seinen (manga intended for a mature audience) stages an unconventional love story, far from any romantic naivety and full of surprises.

4 – Neon Genesis Evangelion (Deluxe Edition – Glénat) – from May 18, 2022
Here is our little prank in this selection. Indeed, we no longer present Evangelion both manga and anime are cult. But know that the manga will be reissued in a deluxe edition. The opportunity to finally get your hands on it. We know that fans won’t forget to throw on this masterpiece of the genre which hides a beautiful metaphysical reflection on depression and the meaning of life hidden under a plot full of robots and apocalyptic creatures. Unavoidable.

5 – Freeze (Ki-oon) – from March 3, 2022
Do you like heroic fantasy and beautiful drawing? Then you’ll probably jump on Frieren, one of the most anticipated titles of the year. You will follow the adventures of a young hero Himmel and his companions, the elf Frieren, the dwarf Eisen and the priest Heiter. The small group worthy of a very classic role-playing game. But Frieren doesn’t begin with their quest to destroy the Demon King…the plot is set after their victory. 10 years have passed but how do the old friends live afterwards? Frieren the magician is an elf and she does not age…unlike her comrades.

6 – DARLING in the FRANXX (Delcourt/Tonkam) – from January 5, 2022
Did you miss giant robots and terrible threats? Do not go further. In the distant post-apocalyptic future, humanity has entrenched itself in mobile fortified cities, the Plantations. They are regularly threatened by howlers, the Kyôryû. Young pilots face these enemies aboard the Franxx, giant robots. Hiro does not agree with his partner and fails to become a pilot, until the arrival of Zero Two, a strange young girl with whom he is able to pilot… A classic triptych: initiatory course, combats and mysteries.

7 – The Dance of the Sun and the Moon (Ki-oon) – from February 3
Lovers of feudal history and Japanese myths will be happy. Daruma Matsuura (Kasane – The Face Stealer) this time explores the destiny of a samurai without a saber in a world where legends and reality intertwine… Konosuke, his hero, aspires to live according to the codes of the samurai, but a shameful secret prevents him from doing so: metal writhes close to his skin! Impossible for him to use a katana… He has to make do with a wooden sword. But this curse also prevents him from being injured by other sabers or from dying honourably… A warrior who lives in shame but whose destiny will be upset by the arrival of a very beautiful woman…

8 – Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Pika) – from February 16
The author’s style is immediately recognizable. This is the new series from Nakaba Suzuki, the author of Seven Deadly Sins. A new shônen set in the same universe as Seven Deadly Sins of which it is a derived sequel. Convenient for maintaining a particularly dedicated fanbase. The story takes place 16 years after the end of the original series.

"Four Knights of the Apocalypse"

“Four Knights of the Apocalypse”

Credit: Pika

9 – A Couple of Cuckoos ! (Pika) – from April
A new series released in the Japanese reference magazine Weekly Shônen Magazine by Kodansha. Success is already achieved: an anime will soon arrive on the Crunchyroll platform and the manga had to be reprinted 10 weeks in a row, unheard of even for Attack on Titan! It is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Nagi, a brilliant high school student who was inadvertently switched at birth. He will meet his biological parents for the first time and on the day of the appointment, he will meet Erika who will turn his life upside down. Surprise love, arranged union, family entanglements and suspense are the keys to this series.

10 – Boys Run the Riot (Akata) – from March
Ryo, assigned female at birth, refuses the gender identity that society seeks to impose on her. It begins with a refusal to wear a girl’s uniform in high school… The arrival of a bad boy in high school who has a great interest in fashion will change his daily life. They will together try to create a rebellious and, ultimately, very political clothing brand.
This is Keito Gaku’s first title. He won the Hope Prize (“Youth” section) of the 77th Chiba Tetsuya Prize, he was propelled to the front of the stage with Boys Run the Riot.
Love, friendship, gender, rebellion, quest for freedoms are at the heart of this mini-series.

"Boys Run the Riot"

“Boys Run the Riot”

Credit: Akata

11- Saturn Return (Akata) – from February 10
January 2020 marked the arrival in French translation of Akane Torikai. Two years later, and whileIn the grip of silence ended recently, she returns with this new, ultimately very literary story: Saturn Return ! The author continues to explore the evils of our contemporary society. This time she explores the fate of a writer in crisis. The blank page makes him question the meaning of life, the value of mourning and the feeling of loss.
A personal mise en abyme in 6 volumes in which the author finally puts a lot of herself.

12 – Dai Dark (Soleil Manga) – from March 9
Q Hayashida – the author of the cult series Dorohedoro – returns with a new series that mixes a certain form of the absurd and the fantastic. A teenage alien, Sanko Zaha, travels through the darkness of infinite space. It is said that his bones would grant any wish. That’s why the worst villains in the universe want to capture him… A particularly inventive and promising science fiction cycle.

"Look Back"

“Look Back”

Credit: Kazé

13 – Look Back (Kazé) – from March 9
Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author of the acclaimed manga Chainsaw Man and here’s a one-volume manga you might like if you like its style. This short story follows Fujino, a gifted teenager who has absolute confidence in her talent and Kyômoto, who hides in her room and practices tirelessly. Two young girls from the same provincial town, whom a fervent passion for drawing will bring together and unite by an unbreakable bond… Here again we find a good dose of autobiography in this work hailed by the colleagues of the young mangaka.

14 – Android Type One (Omake) – from February 3
You can never have enough science fiction. Tokyo, 2059… Yûgo Sawatari is a young office worker and he won the lottery for a “Type One android” for a 3-month trial… Android Type One is a short story in three volumes. Here we find a deep metaphysical reflection on the links that unite human beings and machines.

15 – Leviathan (Ki-oon) – from January 6
Anguish, darkness, mystery and drawing rich in detail… Here is the recipe for Leviathan, a series that takes the name of a huge spaceship that floats in the interstellar void. You will be able to enjoy Shiro kuroi’s line thanks to the large format chosen by ki-oon editions. The story begins with the arrival of shipwreck raiders who break into the Leviathan and discover the diary of a schoolboy, Kazuma, relating the events that took place in the bowels of the ship… , the obvious is obvious: a survivor of the disaster is hiding somewhere in the maze of ruins!

16 – The Book of Witches (Glénat) – from February 6
Glénat immerses you in three volumes in the life of Jean Wier, a doctor born in 1515 in the Netherlands and fervent opponent of witch hunts. Ebishi Maki revisits the true story of this scientist who was interested in psychiatry well into his time. The author also discusses all the bestiary of the time as well as the beliefs of the Dark Ages of the Middle Ages. A horrific tale mixed with a police investigation…

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