Hakari vs Kashimo the end of their confrontation!

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Unsurprisingly, Hakari managed to survive the explosion at the end of the previous chapter. We expected it, given the incredible luck he had during the whole fight. However, Kashimo thinks he finally killed him, only to find himself once again stunned when he realizes that Hakari is still alive. Kashimo would not that Hakari opens his Domain again – for obvious reasons – so he tried to rip his arm off in case he survived the explosion, which was supposed to tear him to pieces.

With one arm less, hakari wouldn’t be able to wave. This confirms that the signs of the hand are indeed necessary to launch a domain extension. hakari sacrificed his left arm himself, so that the rest of his person could survive. He made a binding wish in the spur of the moment, sacrificing his arm and moving the cursed energy that would normally have protected him to the rest of his body. Kashimofeeling defeated, said to hakari to go ahead and kill him, but he refuses because the 100 points of Kashimo would disappear.

Kashimo and Hakari

hakari does not consider this a victory for him, since Kashimo never used his cursed technique. He was able to do everything he did during their fight by simply manipulating the characteristics of his cursed energy. Kashimo reveals that he cannot use his Cursed Technique only once, and that he reserves it for sukuna. It’s not explained why, but it’s probably due to a binding vow. Thus, the fight ends without a clear winner.

Although none of them can claim to have truly won the fight, hakari offers a deal that rewards them both with what they initially wanted. hakari apparently agreed to arrange a fight between Kashimo and sukunaIn exchange of what Kashimo joins their side and gets his 100 points. This all sounds good on the surface, but it could end up causing a lot of trouble for everyone involved. hakari has no way of ensuring that this fight will happen, so it was not a good idea to make such a deal alone. On the other hand, if the fight happens, it could well be a huge mistake anyway.

When Panda hears about the deal, he is immediately concerned and makes it clear that he disapproves. After all, no one needs to know how much sukuna is dangerous. Make him take control of the body of Yuji for whatever reason could prove disastrous. For this reason, Yuji will undoubtedly be against all this. Although it remains to be seen if he will end up accepting it.


Maki is back

It is interesting to note that Panda returned to normal, after his body was destroyed by Kashimo. Well, except he’s now the size of a child. Moreover, it turns out that Charles is alive and well. The way his fight with hakari ended was not shown, but it seems that Hakari just left. In any case, the two are still on good terms, which means that Charles could be a new ally for Yuji and his friends.

The conversation by Hakari and Charles is interrupted by momo who arrives to suggest a slight change to the plan they had when they entered the Slaughter Game. She reveals that Maki is able to pass through barriers, unlike all the others. It’s probably due to his lack of cursed energy, but it’s not clear yet. Somewhere else, Maki meet Noritoshi Kamowho looks different with a new haircut.

Noritoshi said Maki that he fell out of favor because someone else became the head of the family Kamo. As Maki earlier in the series, he also set his sights on becoming the head of his family, against all odds. However, fate has other plans for the two of them, as they each gave up on this goal for different reasons. The chapter ends with the appearance of a cursed worm-like spirit with the rare ability to speak. Maki and Noritoshi feel it and are visibly shocked. We can therefore assume that it is not a simple cursed spirit.