Halloween2022: the best costumes inspired by pop culture

Stranger Things, House of the Dragon, The Batman… which work of fiction will dominate Halloween this year?

As the month of October has just begun, many are already preparing Halloween, the most popular fancy dress party in the world. Sweets, decorations and scary activities, you have to think of everything to make this period unforgettable, and especially the costume. Crucial point of the day of the dead, it is really your disguise that will project you into the atmosphere during all the festivities.

Each year, the ideas are going well and are inspired for the most part by modern pop culture. In 2021, while Squid Game was largely trending after a wildly popular first season on Netflix, it was no surprise to come across friends with red jumpsuits and black face masks. In 2022, which works of fiction will mark the Halloween holidays? Here are some predictions.

Stranger Things at the top of the podium?

© Netflix

When we think of horror, we can only remember the last season of Stranger Things on Netflix. If the series is already an accumulation of symbols usable on Halloween, this season 4 has provided us with a slew of ideas that we believe will dominate the market this year. Eddy, Vecna, 001, Max, Chrissy or the famous Demogorgons, all inspirations are possible and more or less easily achievable yourself. It must also be said that the top with the effigy of the Hellfire Club has quickly become a bestseller, so finding something to disguise yourself at a lower cost should therefore not be complicated.

Recently it is House of the Dragonthe prequel to Game Of Thrones, which is making a name for itself among series fans. So don’t be surprised if you come across a horde of Targaryens in the streets this October 31, they won’t hurt you (we hope). And since anime are also always popular, we can also expect reproductions of chain saw man – soon on our screens – or even Jujutsu Kaisen after the release of the film a few months ago.

In a completely different atmosphere, you can opt for a disguise bearing the image of your favorite heroes. At the start of the year, we were entitled to the release of The Batman and of Doctor Strange 2two films that preferred to portray the dark and almost horrifying side of the world of superheroes.

Finally, some classics should quickly come back to the fore. Series Wednesday from Netflix has us dusting off our finest costumes inspired by the Addams family, even though production is not expected before November 23rd. However, a Halloween party without a girl with braided hair wouldn’t really be one.