Hello Kitty x Jujutsu Kaisen presents the first stuffed animals of the adorable collaboration | Spaghetti Code

Hello Kitty and his friends return to the world of anime with an adorable and incredible new collaboration this time with jujutsu kaisen of which we can already see the first articles. You’re going to want them all!

Hello Kitty, or better said, Sanrio, which is the brand of the Kawaii cat and the rest of the animals, has stood out on different occasions with more than great collaborations with some of the most popular animes such as Attack on Titan, Gundam, Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, Narutoamong other.

But as the success of jujutsu kaisen today it is through the roof, of course the brand could not put aside the idea of ​​​​collaborating with the wizards of the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College to launch amazing and adorable collectible items.

Hello Kitty cosplays as Sukuna! | Photo: Sanrio

With the first batch of stuffed animals Hello Kitty x Jujutsu Kaisen, we can see kitty doing cosplay from Sukuna, to Cinamoroll doing cosplay from Gojo and Purin from Kento Nanami.

Yuji and Pochaco together :3 | Photo: Sanrio

Later there are these first two dolls of Gojo and Yuji which have a small brooch of Cinamoroll and Pochaco, respectively. Both come in a kind of little box that will apparently include more gadgets to decorate the sorcerers. What’s more we can assume that later on a Pochaco stuffed animal will come out making cosplay by Yūji Itadori.

There are still many important characters like Megumi, Nobara, Maki, Inumaki, Panda and Geto who are less than the main ones. Let’s hope that new cuddly toys from this collaboration will be revealed soon, although they may not even go on sale in Mexico. But anyway, we want to see them!

What do you think of the first stuffed animals of the collaboration Hello Kitty x Jujutsu Kaisen?


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