How will Maki change the course of the whole series?

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As readers know, the world of Jujutsu Kaisen was turned upside down by the events of the Shibuya Incident and the Elimination Games. Characters like Yuji, Yuta, Hakari and Todo are, of course, the strongest and as readers know, Maki is more than equipped to fight with the rest of the wizards.

Maki is known in the manga and anime for being a character without black energy. Because of this, she trained in perilous ways in order to hone her skills in classic hand-to-hand combat and the use of weapons. The Shibuya incident clearly shows how far Maki has outclassed her previous level.

Maki’s drive to be more like Toji may prove disastrous

After Maki’s assassination attempt, by her own father, things changed. Mai’s sacrifice allowed her to achieve her Oath. Since his awakening, the other characters find many points of comparison between Maki and Toji Fushiguro. While this is good for the wizarding side of the fight, it might also raise some concerns after his recent thoughts during the sumo wizard fight.

Maki realizes in this fight that her lack of boldness, unlike Toji, is what keeps her from being so powerful. That’s right, Maki’s emotions seem to be holding her back from realizing her true potential. Still reeling from Mai’s sacrifice, she isn’t functioning as she should with her newfound power. We can also say that embodying the mentality of Toji could be a choice with serious consequences. Toji was known as the “killer wizard”, and Maki’s urge to look like Toji could lead her down the path of destruction.

Maki’s New Transformation Could Impact The Story In Multiple Ways


In reality, what could hold Maki back is simply her lack of experience. Toji had years of combat experience having already honed and learned his Covenant. Maki needs time to realize her abilities and hone them further, especially through the fights that are bound to happen. How Maki’s mentality changes over the next few chapters could change a lot for the whole story.

Maki’s unlocking of her Oath is an event that really has the ability to change how the killer hunt and the story in general will play out. Maki is now on par with a wizard who was feared by almost everyone.

Two scenarios are possible: to ally with the other wizards for the “good” or to embrace the murderous intention of Toji. If she pushes this idea to its climax, things could get chaotic for the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. Maki spinning out of control is the last thing the wizards battling Kenjaku need. The plot could take many directions, and Maki’s new transformation is one factor that could change events more than readers might have imagined.