Hunter x Hunter: How much has Shonen Jump changed in four years? – melty

By The Worm Brush

– Published on May 25, 2022 at 17:27

Since yesterday, the web has been on fire for the unexpected return of Hunter x Hunter. After four years of absence, Yoshihiro Togashi revealed on Twitter that several chapters of his work were already ready. Yet after such a long absence, the preprint magazine Shonen Jump has changed a lot.

It’s official, the Shueisha spoke about the mysterious Tweet announcing the return of Hunter x Hunter published yesterday. And after four years of hiatus, the longest hiatus in the history of the series to date, Togashi has indeed resumed his pencils and his sheets in order to continue the adventures of Gon Freecss. Nevertheless, a graph has been talking about him for several hours on social networks, and more particularly Twitter.

Indeed, the last chapter of Hunter x Hunter was released in 2018 and in the meantime, the magazine Shonen Jump has seen many changes. For now, we have no guarantee that the series will return in 2022 and there could still be a lot of movement, especially with the imminent end of My Hero Academia, for example. A Twitter user by the name of @Josu_ke published an infographic highlighting the many changes experienced by the Shonen Jump since the release of the last chapter of Hunter x Hunter.

The return of Hunter x Hunter: A real time jump

Since the release of Chapter 390 of Hunter x Hunterseveral popular series ended as Demon Slayer, Food Wars Where Dr Stone. Readers also at the launch and end of other series. We think, for example, of Burn The Witch, Phantom Seer Where Samurai 8: The Legend of Hachimaru. And other series, like Mashle, Sakamoto Days Where Undead Unluck, appeared and continue their serialization. What is reassuring (or not, it all depends on the paradigm one chooses) is that the HITs of the time are still present and have not changed, although BlackClover has been on the decline lately.