Is Itadori going to make it?

In chapter 164, released last week, Itadori was acquainted with the skills of exorcist of Higuruma and in particular of its extension of territory called “The Capital Punishment”. During a sham trial, Itadori finds himself accused of entering a gambling establishment when he was still a minor. While he half confesses his fault, Higuruma uses a major asset: a photo of Itadori at a store serving as a winnings exchange near the gambling establishment. Itadori is therefore found guilty and suffered as punishment “Confiscation“. He then finds himself totally unable to use his occult energy in the face of Higuruma who charges him with his mallet that he can control at will.

Higuruma Hiromi in chapter 159

At the end of the previous chapter, Itadori was recovering from an attack by his opponent. This week, the chapter opens with an explanation of who really is Higuruma. Young lawyer qualified as “genius” by his peers, Higuruma is mostly an exceptionally talented exorcist. And as he faces a Itadori deprived of his occult energy, Higuruma explains to him how the sentence pronounced by his Judge Man works while at the same time realizing his situation of exorcist and the physical capacities of his adversary. WhileItadori continues to withstand the assaults of Higuruma as best he can, he struggles to find a solution to get out of the situation.

After intense reflection, Itadori seems to understand how Higuruma’s spell works and decides to ask to return to the helm.. However, this time he faces an accusation concerning the events of October 31, 2018. He decides to confess the crimes with which he is accused and a double sentence is pronounced by Judge man: “Confiscation” and “Death sentence“. This is not the first time thatItadori faces a death sentence. However, the first few times the allies had allowed him to get out relatively easily. Here, Itadori is totally alone in front of Higuruma and his Judge Man. So what will happen? Fushiguro, who according to the latest news is still facing Lazy, will he succeed in joining his friend? Sukuna going to intervene? Yuta, main character of volume 0, will he suddenly appear? Or will other characters enter the scene in order to save Itadori? In any case, the clash between Itadori and Higuruma promises to be one of the most important in this arc.