Is Yuji preparing for his next sacrifice?

The final chapters of the series kicked off a phase of transition. After seeing each of Yuji’s team members compete in their first major fight in the Deadly Tournament, Yuji and Megumi reunited with new allies to prepare for the next phase of their overall plan. But as they get closer to rescuing Satoru Gojothe plan is already turned upside down.

The previous chapter of the series reunited Yuji and Megumi with Hana Kurusu, who possesses the cursed spirit of the angel who can help free Gojo from the kingdom of prison through its power, but they discovered that the only way to To achieve this is to kill Sukuna. With Yuji’s body harboring Sukuna for now, he quickly came to the conclusion that fans have been expecting upon hearing this news, Yuji will sacrifice himself and die if it means helping everyone out of this mess.

The “Disgraced”

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 200 picks up right after Sukuna contacts Yuji and tells him that he is the “Disgraced” that Angel is talking about, and therefore wants to kill him. Upon discovering this, Megumi instantly understands that Yuji would be willing to die, and Yuji comes to the same conclusion. Wondering why Sukuna bothers to tell him he’s the Disgraced, Yuji thinks that means Angel could take out Sukuna without giving the Cursed Spirit a chance to return.

Yuji thinks it’s no problem for him, as his death will not only help free Gojo, but also get rid of half of the remains of Sukuna he’s ingested so far. Megumi naturally understands what’s going on with her friend, but at the same time, it’s clear that he wants to try to find another solution. But he won’t have much time as the game of slaughter will get much more intense in the upcoming chapters.