Jujutsu Kaisen 0 sparks controversy by referring to Taiwan as a country independent from China | tomatoes

jujutsu kaisenthe manga written and illustrated by Gege Akutami has been growing little by little in popularity, and it is that, beyond its 18 published volumes, it also has little to have debuted as an anime series, and the response from the audience has been good enough around the world. Now he has taken the next step, reaching the big screen. It is true that, in recent years, anime has garnered more attention from the public in recent years, and not only by the ardent fans of the genre, but it is opening up to more types of audiences.

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With its debut on the big screen, the response exceeded expectations, some critics mentioned that it is a perfect film for fans of the series, which could be complemented by the film of Seong Hu Parkbut also the public that is not so close to the anime, could enjoy an interesting and entertaining story without having the background of the series or the manga.

So far, the world box office Jujutsu Kaisen 0 – 89% It has been surprising, already breaking several records. However, there are some countries where it has not yet been released, which has already begun to generate such controversy that the creators themselves felt the need to apologize for rekindling political conflicts that do not even have to do with the film. but with the territories where it was released; specifically because they referred to Taiwan as an independent country from China.

The creators of Jujutsu Kaisen apologized on Weibo for this tweet, which lists Taiwan among the “countries” where the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0 has broken box office records. Why? Well, according to HK-based distributor Medialink, it is expected to be released in mainland theaters later.

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This apology was published on the platform of Weibo, and is that the complaints arose because in China, as well as other countries on the same continent, the film has not been released, especially because it must go through certain censorship filters. The annoyance lies in the fact that Taiwan was considered an independent territory in that count. It must be remembered that this is a conflict that has existed for many years; Since 1949 Taiwan has been governed independently from China, but with the concept of “One China”, this other government has been expected to insist that they remain part of the same territory.

Historically, Taiwan has been part of the Republic of China, but its government and culture have functioned autonomously. Conflicts have even arisen because Taiwan sends humanitarian aid to other countries when necessary, without consulting the Chinese government first. This, without a doubt, would not have to affect the film, but it is well known that, almost at the slightest provocation, China has canceled premieres due to ideological or political situations.

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In the meantime, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 introduces Rika, Yuuta Okkotsu’s childhood friend, who died in a car accident. Her spirit remains with him, but she is no longer the sweet girl he knew. She manifests as a monstrous and powerful entity that fiercely protects him. The tape continues to be a great attraction on the world billboard.