‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’: The director explains the reason for this moving detail of Gojo Satoru

The prequel film of the anime series is now available in theaters in Spain.

Spanish fans of jujutsu kaisen You can finally enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen 0 in theaters after its premiere in Japan at the end of 2021 and having been a worldwide success after its premiere also in the United States and in other European countries.

The story revolves around yuta okkotsu, a teenager with a curse that has accompanied him since he was very young. Despite the fact that he has caused several accidents and even deaths from this curse, Gojo recruits him at the Institute of Sorcery to use it in his favor and thus end other curses in Tokyo.

SPOILERS: Below are important details of the end of Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Although Yuta is the main protagonist of the film, other well-known characters from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series also get treated in greater depth. This is the case of the relationship between Gojo and Geto.

These apparently were classmates and best friends with the same age as his students now. So it’s no wonder Gojo gets excited about having to take down the one who was his best friend back in his day. At one point in that scene, Gojo bends down to say something to Geto.

Director, Sung-hoo Parkwanted to explain the reason for this moving detail:

It’s because he wanted Gojo to say his last words to Geto at eye level. I made him bend over and brought him closer to where Geto is sitting for it

By this time, Geto was dying and almost escaped, if it wasn’t for Gojo. When they finish a conversation that they already had pending, Gojo finishes him off but out of shot. But when the first season of the anime series arrives, Geto is among the living once again. His body has been co-opted, after all, and the second season will explore the sorcerer’s return in greater detail.

While we wait for more details of this second season of jujutsu kaisenremember that MAP is pending premiere chainsaw man, one of the most anticipated anime of this year 2022 and that will arrive on Crunchyroll Spain at the same time that it is broadcast in Japan. You can enjoy its trailer below:

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