Jujutsu Kaisen 0: They bring out the full potential of Maki with a brilliant cosplay

The world of cosplay begins to scare because it is more and more perfected. It begins to be a bit redundant to see what certain anime characters look like in adaptations live action official because, for reasons unknown to us, the majors never manage to get so right the appearance of certain protagonists when they translate them from animation to the real world. But the fanatics, on the other hand, always get the opposite: spectacular resultsand even with very simple materials that do not require a large budget.

Although sometimes in Vandal Randomwe bring you material in which alternative visions of mythical characters are explored through cosplay (Goku or Gotenks in the female version, for example), we also love to highlight those costumes that go a long way with very little. This is the case of the recreation of the Maki of jujutsu kaisen of the user talive from Instagram, a content creator and cosplay specialist who has reused a garment from another character to create this one (the latter would delight those responsible for Sewing Masters).

“I didn’t buy Maki’s uniform, this is just Nobara’s uniform but the other way around. I’m trying not to buy costumes that I only wear once, my closet is getting full.”

What do you think?

The suit as we told you is very simple but at the same time, effective. Reusing pieces and proving once again that you don’t need to have a lot of money in your pocket to do this type of project, since this would work perfectly for some live-action representation without any kind of problem. Let’s hope that Netflix will pay attention to this type of thing its series of one piecewhat has added six stars to its cast and that, by the way, could count on Jamie Lee Curtisbecause the actress is willing.