Jujutsu Kaisen 0 trae la más épica figura de Yuta Okkotsu y Rika Orimoto

Have you seen the new figure of Yuta Okkotsu and Rika Orimoto that is already in pre-sale?

The company F:NEX recently announced the release of a 1 / 7th scale figure based on Yuta Okkotsu Y Rika Orimoto, main characters of the animated Jujutsu Kaisen franchise. To be specific, these little figures are from the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and will be available from December 2022 in Japan.

The description you give us F:NEX of this product is as follows: “From the movie“ Jujutsu Kaisen 0 ”comes a 1 / 7th scale figure of Yuuta Okkotsu, the“ Special Class Jujutsu Master ”, and Rika Orimoto, the“ Special Class Super Jujutsu Grudge Spirit ”!”.

But this is not all, the details of these figures along with this legend have finally come to our knowledge “Standing 12 inches tall, this item is sculpted with Okkotsu’s expression barking with rage, and Rika’s appearance in response. The figure has been painted with a gradation of colors and textures. The transparent material used for the effect of the technique is also perfectly sculpted “.

The rage that expresses Okkotsu perfectly represents their fighting spirit. The same thing happens with Rika, who seems to share this expression.

As we know, the product has a height of approximately little more than 30 cm (315 mm), considering, of course, the 170 mm that corresponds to earth. It will be priced at 59,950 yen (or $ 528). At the moment, the reservation is already available on the official website of the distributor, from December 7, 2021 to March 31, 2022. In this link you can find it.

Here are other images about the product:




But it is not the only news that awaits us regarding the franchise. The videogame Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade, for smartphones, will soon be available in the catalog of QooApp. In this link you can complete your pre-registration. We can’t wait to play it!

Sinopsis de Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Yuta Okkotsu has a curse. In this sequel series, Jujutsu Kaisen, earth is haunted by the ghost of a friend from his childhood, Rika Orimoto, who died in a traffic accident. But it should be noted that her spirit does not have the appearance of the sweet girl she was in life and that earth He met. In fact, it manifests itself as a monstrous and powerful entity that is capable of protecting you from any danger. The impotence of earth faced with the fierce and aggressive behavior of Rika it is such that he cannot stop the bloodshed that precedes his brutal revenge. In this way, when he is caught by sorcerers Jujutsu, the secret guardians of the world, have a difficult task despite being trained to combat supernatural forces such as Rika. Consequently, the desire to earth is to isolate yourself completely so that no one can be hurt by the attacks of Rika.

However, the master sorcerer Satoru Gojou, who imprisoned him, has very different plans for him: a specialized education to control Rika, and thus help people, in the Jujutsu Higher School. In your first year, earth began by learning the jujutsu arts and to fight evil beings. In conjunction with your peers Toge Inumaki, a sorcerer with the ability to use words as weapons; Maki Zenin, a weapons expert from Jujutsu; Y Panda, a panda bear that gives the impression of talking and walking, earth He finally manages to manage his skills and as his training progresses, he realizes that there are many more dangers in the world of the Jujutsu of which he had thought and not exactly are evil spirits.

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