Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Anime Heroes Sukuna Can Defeat

Ryomen Sukuna is hailed as the King of Curses for his power. He is feared and revered by cursed spirits and Jujutsu wizards. Many cursed spirits and Jujutsu wizards are constantly after Sukuna’s Fingers, which are artifacts that contain Sukuna’s essence – and, therefore, her power. But few could hope to withstand Sukuna’s phenomenal strength.

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As one of the strongest characters currently in Jujutsu Kaisen, he is often compared and contrasted with other characters, including those from other anime. However, since he is exceptionally powerful, many anime characters couldn’t match the power of the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

dix Cowboy Bebop’s Spike Spiegel Could Never Defeat Sukuna

Spike Piloting by Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy BebopSpike Spiegel is known for his quick wit, resourcefulness, and ability to track just about any bounty. However, he probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with Ryomen Sukuna.

Not only are Sukuna’s healing and domain expanding abilities more than any ordinary human could handle, but his normal cursed energy techniques would also be nearly impossible to avoid. Without a cursed technique or similar power, characters like Spike are doomed to death by a thousand cuts. Spike’s gun and martial arts wouldn’t do much to help him.

9 Sukuna détruirait Tanjiro Kamado de Demon Slayer

Tanjiro prepares to fight

demon slayerTanjiro Kamado is good at slaying demons, but Sukuna is an evil spirit he would be lucky to escape. While Tanjiro wields a sword and knows elegant and powerful sword skills called breathing techniques, Sukuna can cut him with invisible slices.

Plus, getting close to Sukuna is a feat in itself. It’s unlikely that Tanjiro will be able to get close enough to engage Sukuna. However, Tanjiro might be able to use his Super Scent to sense Sukuna’s cursed energy, which might give him enough of a boost to dodge certain attacks.

8 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Jonathan Joestar Would Be Instantly Beaten

Tears in the eyes of Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar barely managed to kill Dio Brando in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, a vampire who longed for eternal life and unlimited power. Therefore, Jonathan is unlikely to be able to defeat Ryomen Sukuna. Hamon shares many similarities with Cursed Energy and it’s a versatile combat ability, so it’s no exaggeration to see Hamon compared to Jujutsu sorcery techniques.

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However, the problem is not in Hamon’s system of power, but rather in the holders of this power. Just as Dio eluded Jonathan again and again, Sukuna would be nearly elusive. Also, Sukuna has fewer weaknesses than a vampire.

sept My Hero Academia’s Katsuki Bakugo Would Not Be Effective Against Sukuna

Bakugo my hero academia

my hero academia‘s Katsuki Bakugo might prove a bigger challenge for Sukuna than other anime characters, but ultimately it’s hard to see him win – at least at his current power and skill levels. Thanks to his Quirk Explosion, Bakugo can perform long-range attacks that could catch up with Sukuna. He also has explosive power to propel him around and help him dodge Sukuna’s cuts.

Whether or not Bakugo can follow without being cut in half would depend on anticipation and speed. Winning would be incredibly difficult, but not impossible. However, there remains the issue of Sukuna’s healing powers if Bakugo has inflicted enough damage.

6 Naruto’s Rock Lee Wouldn’t Last Long Against Sukuna

rock lee open mouth naruto

Rock Lee is one of Naruto‘s greatest fighters. His taijutsu skills display some of the best hand-to-hand combat skills in the anime, and his ability to open inner doors is formidable. Although he has the Eight Gates on his side, Rock Lee is unlikely to be able to defeat Sukuna outright.

Sukuna makes it difficult to get close to him, and most of Rock Lee’s skills rely on closing the gap between him and his opponent. Additionally, Sukuna has healing abilities. In the end, Rock Lee would have to open the final door, and he’s not guaranteed to be able to do so.

5 Fairy Tail’s Lucy Heartfilia Would Be Shot Down In A Flash

Lucy Heartfilia winks

While Lucy has many zodiac signs with unique and useful abilities at her disposal in Fairy tale, Sukuna would waste little time taking down each Celestial Spirit in quick succession. Once Lucy runs out of keys, she’s out of the fight, as she has no defenses beyond that. If used correctly, Lucy’s power could go a long way in battling Sukuna. However, Lucy is certainly not a renowned tactician, and many Celestial Spirits would not be good candidates to fight a monster like Sukuna.

4 Castlevania’s Trevor Belmont Wouldn’t Be Able To Stop A Beast Like Sukuna

Trevor wields the crossed dagger

Trevor Belmont made a name for himself as a monster hunter in Castlevania. He has slain nocturnal creatures and vampires, but with only vampire slaying weapons at his side, he is sure to lose against a special quality cursed spirit like Sukuna.

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If Trevor’s weapons retain their magical effects when used against Sukuna, there would be a small hope of victory. But without Sypha, it’s hard to see Trevor dodging Sukuna’s cursed techniques. Even with Sypha’s help, it would be difficult to deflect Sukuna’s ultimate blow.

3 My Hero Academia’s Lemillion Would Be A Dynamic Match Against Sukuna

Lemillion from My Hero Academia cradling Eri, who looks scared

Before having his powers taken away, my hero academiaLemillion might have had a good chance of defeating Sukuna. Lemillion’s Permeation Quirk makes it intangible, and it’s exactly the kind of ability needed to avoid Sukuna’s cursed techniques.

Lemillion’s biggest challenge would be landing on Sukuna fast enough to counteract his healing powers. While Lemillion is smart enough to get close to Sukuna and do some damage, it’s hard to imagine a few punches doing the Curse King much.

2 Even One Piece’s Luffy Would Fight Sukuna

Luffy soaring with confidence

Luffy’s rubber body might be able to withstand some of Sukuna’s attacks, making him a good candidate to fight the Curse King. Additionally, Luffy can stretch to a great extent in A piece, allowing her to perform ranged attacks that can reach Sukuna if getting close isn’t an option.

However, like Lemillion, the hardest part would be making his attacks powerful enough to defeat Sukuna. One could argue for the fight either way, but it’s more likely that Sukuna would win with her raw power, cursed techniques, and self-healing.

1 One-Punch Man himself might even wrestle Sukuna


One-punch manSaitama is famous for his ability to knock out almost any enemy with a single punch. If he can punch Ryomen Sukuna, it’ll probably end the same way. However, landing a hit on Sukuna is exceptionally difficult.

This fight could really be won by either opponent, depending on the circumstances. Sukuna’s cuts would make it difficult to survive long enough to enter close combat. However, if Saitama managed to reach Sukuna and land his punch, Saitama would likely win. Otherwise, Sukuna would easily overpower the titular One-Punch Man.

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