Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Big Takeaways From Season One

With the next movie of Jujutsu Kaisen Set to premiere in December 2021 and the second season of the anime hot on its heels, fans need a review of the first season. Of course, the best review is always found by diving back into the source material, but not everyone has time to binge on the first season of JJK again.

For those who have too many new anime series piling up on their viewing list, make time for a replay of JJK before Yuta Okkatsu appears in the Volume 0 It is not an option. Fortunately, the 24 episodes that make up the introductory season of Jujutsu Kaisenthey can be broken down into a few important points.

10 Yuji is here to stay (for now)

Following the example of other popular anime series that use decoy protagonists to mislead their viewers, Jujutsu Kaisen shows Yuji losing his life to Sukuna in his fifth episode. Of course, since Gege Akutami doesn’t follow anyone’s rules other than his own, Yuji’s role as the decoy protagonist was actually a deception hidden within a deception.

After Sukuna rips out Yuji’s heart, he repairs his body and brings him back to life after they both make a binding vow. This layered hoax is entertaining, but leaves viewers with mixed feelings about Yuji’s role as the show’s lead. Perhaps Gege Akutami intended viewers to have an open attitude towards his protagonist so that he could slide other characters into this role in the future.

9 Satoru Gojo is not only the strongest, but he is also incredibly powerfuljujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 1

Satoru Gojo’s unsurpassed level of power is something the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen make it very clear. In his debut, Satoru manages to defeat the main antagonist of the series without breaking a sweat.

A few episodes later, Satoru takes down a special grade cursed spirit, while giving Yuji a crash course in jujutsu combat. By the end of the season, it becomes clear that Gojo is not only the most powerful, but he is so dominated that the world around him is literally forced to bend to his will.

8 Megumi and the Cursed Ten Shadows Technique are extremely reliablejujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 2

Although Satoru Gojo is currently working on his own to prevent cursed energy from destroying humanity, Megumi’s personality makes her much more suitable for the role of Satoru. The only thing that makes Satoru more reliable than Megumi is his strength. Aside from this, the strongest jujutsu sorcerer is little more than a disrespectful one whose only mission was entrusted to him by the people he claims to hate.

Megumi proves on many occasions that she is trustworthy and trustworthy. If Satoru ever falls, fans can rest easy knowing that Megumi is there to fill in for Gojo.

7 Nobara is an incredibly strong and tough Jujutsu wizardjujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 3

Nobara Kugisaki is one of the world’s toughest jujutsu sorceresses de JJK thanks to his strong will and his powerful damn technique. Although she makes a great display of her will throughout the anime’s first 21 episodes, her stamina shines through in the last 3 episodes, when she and Yuji face off against That and Kechizu.

These two cursed bellies are labeled as special grade and wield cursed blood manipulation techniques typical of the Kamo families. During this exchange, Nobara managed to maintain Yuji’s supernatural durability through willpower and physical stamina.

6 Maki and cursed weapons are a dangerous combinationjujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 4

Although born without a single ounce of cursed energy, Maki possesses unmatched physical strength. The only partner who matches Maki’s raw physical strength is Yuji Itadori, but the ignorant MC knows so little about combat and jujutsu that he pales in comparison to Maki.

The Kyoto Goodwill Exchange Event allows Maki to show off his combat skills. Even though he can’t upgrade his weapons with cursed energy or complicate his martial arts with cursed technique, Maki is still able to take on his comrades. With a cursed weapon in her hands, Maki is potentially as powerful as the strongest jujutsu wizards of her generation.

5 Pseudo-Geto is playing chess behind the scenes of Jujutsu Kaisenjujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 5

The brain behind Mahito’s actions continues to operate so in the shadows that anime fans don’t even know what to call it. Manga readers can help with this by offering a name to Suguru Geto’s face.

Although his master plan has only just begun, Pseudo-Geto’s ability to manipulate three of the most powerful cursed spirits in the entire Jujutsu world Kaisen it is worthy of admiration. This sorcerer is clearly a brilliant strategist and fans should keep an eye out for him in the future of Jujutsu anime. Kaisen .

4 The line between the cursed spirit and humanity is blurredjujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 6

When Satoru Gojo explains the legend of Ryomen Sukuna to Yuji, he mentions that the cursed spirit known as Sukuna was once a real man. In the golden age of jujutsu, Sukuna managed to bridge the gap between the cursed spirit and the human being in a way that the modern age has yet to experience.

There have been some indications of this fuzzy line in the modern era. The first season features Panda as a cursed corpse that has abruptly mutated and has the common free will of mankind. Fans also get a chance to meet Choso, Eso, and Kechizu, each of whom is part human and part curse.

3 Yuji Itadori still has a lot to learn about the world of jujutsujujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 7

As a new member of the jujutsu world and a human born without a cursed technique, Yuji knows very little about cursed energy. The first season of the anime serves as a crash course in jujutsu for both Yuji and viewers, but there is still a ton of information that still needs to be unpacked.

Throughout the anime’s first season, Yuji learns to enhance his attacks with curse energy and sense residual curse energy. He also witnesses different domain expansions and cursed techniques. If the second season faithfully follows the manga, Yuji will soon witness the techniques of the Maximum Uzumaki and impressive barrier technology.

2 The old generation of Jujutsu wizards cannot be trusted, not even Satoru Gojojujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 8

Gojo makes it very clear that he does not agree with the higher echelons that rule the world of jujutsu. After seeing what happened to Yuji Itadori due to the meddling of the higher spheres, Gojo’s distrust is confirmed.

However, despite his disapproval, Satoru follows the higher command’s plan to keep jujutsu hidden from humanity by dispelling cursed spirits on a daily basis.

1 the king of curses, Ryomen Sukuna, is not to be trustedjujutsu kaisen 10 grandes conclusiones de la primera temporada 9

Ryomen Sukuna may have suffered a major loss to Yuji Itadori and Satoru Gojo on his first day back in the world of jujutsu, but he used the rest of the season to prove he can’t be played with.

Sukuna’s first big move literally shattered a special degree and allowed him to bind Yuji with a vow that gives him free control of the boy’s body whenever he wants. Following this, Sukuna sliced ​​Mahito for daring to touch his soul during the debut of the Special Grade Cursed Spirit Domain Expansion. Sukuna spends the rest of the season buying time on his throne as Yuji expands his connection with the cursed energy. Although it may seem harmless while trapped inside Yuji, fans should remember that Sukuna is a constant threat to the world of jujutsu.