Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Cursed Energy

The negative energy force that produces positive results in the hands of a jujutsu wizard can be very confusing to new fans of Jujutsu Kaisen. In fact, even the most dedicated fans of Gege Akutami’s manga series continue to work tirelessly to make sense of the cursed energy and cursed techniques, while using the recent match between Yuji Itadori and Higuruma Hiromi as a test case.

The basics of cursed energy are pretty straightforward to understand. Human struggles end up turning into a mass of negative energy that a select group of people can learn to see, manipulate, and go to war with. As a jujutsu wizard continues to learn the ins and outs of cursed energy, this power becomes increasingly complicated. Finally, as in the case of Satoru Gojo, the cursed energy begins to manipulate the very laws of nature that most believed to be immutable.

10 Instead of kindness leading to increased power, cursed energy rewards those who accumulate negativity

The basic principles of cursed energy lie in the existence of human struggle. The more negative emotions humans feel towards a place, object or person, the more powerful that object becomes.

Although this idea is easy to understand once explained, it is a bit confusing for first-time viewers at JJK. due to the typical power systems established in shonen anime. Although it is not the first anime to use a dark power system, the idea that an excess of negative energy is what results in an excess of power is strange. JJK He even ignores the idea of ​​friendship that most anime fall into by presenting Gojo as a lonely and overpowered sensei who stands at the top of the power system of JJK.

9 Only a small minority of people can see damn energy, but everyone can add itjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 1

Although all human beings in the world are capable of creating cursed energy by expressing their negative emotions, only a select minority can see it. Although this may seem like an advantage to those hoping to seek a peaceful life devoid of spirits like Mahito and Jogo, it is difficult to understand.

It would make more sense if everyone who is capable of creating cursed energy had power over the negative energy that they create. It seems a bit unfair that someone can contribute and feel the wrath of a cursed spirit like the Jogo, but only those cursed with the powers of a jujutsu wizard are able to fight it.

8 Cursed energy can be manipulated into complex cursed techniques that more closely resemble superpowers than cursesjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 2

After the fans of Jujutsu Kaisen Connect the negative emotions exhibited by humanity with the cursed energy, the next step to understand the world of jujutsu is to understand the cursed techniques. The complex superpowers that jujutsu wizards use to defeat cursed spirits vary in form and strength, but each is significantly more complex than manipulating cursed energy.

Yuji quickly learns to manipulate cursed energy, but continually strives to understand the depth of cursed techniques. Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen they are still trying to understand how cursed energy manipulation becomes a cursed technique.

7 Some families have a natural gift for manipulating energyjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 3

The world of jujutsu is run by a group of powerful wizards belonging to three great families. There are other families that contribute to the mastery of cursed energy, but the Gojo, Kamo, and Zenin families rank on top of this world for their inherited cursed energy and cursed techniques.

While it makes sense for a cursed technique to determine who is the most powerful, Gege Akutami has done little to explain why these cursed techniques are genetic and unlearned. And even less has he explained why these families transmit incredibly high levels of damn energy to their children. What exactly is it that makes someone like Yuta Okkatsu more cursed than the common human who walks through today’s Tokyo?

6 The cursed energy is capable of turning into sentient cursed spirits like Mahito, Hanami and Jogojujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 4

There are several scientific theories that suggest that all sentient life is just energy moving at a specific frequency. Still, the idea that walking and talking lifeforms are made of the same stuff that fills an AA battery is confusing.

This is especially true of cursed energy that builds up in sentient and conscious cursed spirits like Mahito. Connecting negative energy to power is one thing, but once this negative energy begins to speak for itself, fans are forced to dive into a scientific theory that is by its very nature confusing.

5 Barrier Techniques Use Cursed Energy To Create Secluded Real-World Environmentsjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 5

The cursed techniquesmanipulating cursed energy through an equivalent medium of exchange constitute the largest part of the complex combat systemof the JJK. Outside of these cursed techniques, the sorcerer is left to resort to the manipulation of cursed energy, the Maximum Uzumaki Techniques and the Barrier Techniques.

Cursed Energy Manipulation offers simple combat enhancements and the Ultimate Uzumaki opens the door to the pinnacle of cursed techniques. Both are useful for the average jujutsu wizard, but Barrier Techniques push the limits of cursed energy by altering the physical world. Anime fans have only begun to see the extent of barrier techniques. Once Tengen and Kenjaku start showing off their barrier techniques, fans will start to wonder if everything they’ve seen in JJK is it real or just the result of manipulating the cursed energy.

4 Cursed energy manipulation is enhanced by Tengen’s barrierjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 6

Tengen’s name is only mentioned once in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen. The immortal sorcerer’s short screen time makes it difficult to understand the purpose of his actions. Even manga readers have a hard time explaining why Tengen uses his incredible barrier techniques to enhance and optimize the power of cursed energy in Japan.

Although it can contain negative energy, it also increases the power of the evil spirits that call Japan home.

3 Human fighting is the most powerful source of energy in the world of JJKjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 7

The fact that negative energy underlies a shonen anime power system is confusing in itself. Most shonen anime series rely on the power of friendship or love to fuel their power systems. Nevertheless, Jujutsu Kaisen it is different in that it focuses on humanity’s negativity rather than positivity.

Even the positive energy that wizards use to heal rather than destroy is called Reverse Cursed Energy and is only created by multiplying the cursed energy with itself. Perhaps Gege Akutami will introduce a source of positive energy that does not depend on the negativity of humanity, but for now, human struggle is the most powerful source of energy in the world of JJK.

2 Cursed energy can stick to anything and be contained by itjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 8

Most of the energy is difficult to contain for long periods of time. The fact that cursed energy is able to adhere to and be contained by almost any object in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen it doesn’t make sense when fans consider how difficult it is to store energy in real life.

1 Cursed energy continues to impact the world in more powerful and different waysjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la energia maldita 9

Satoru Gojo has a theory that has to do with the special grade designation assigned to the most powerful jujutsu wizards and cursed spirits. After being the strongest jujutsu wizard of the modern era and a teacher at Tokyo’s main jujutsu school, Satoru has come to the conclusion that the special grade title will be insufficient to label the next generation of wizards. .

According to Gojo-sensei, the next generation of sorcerers will be much more powerful than the previous one, leading viewers to believe that cursed energy increases and becomes more powerful over time. The reason for this increase has yet to be explained, so fans have to assume that humanity is simply getting more and more negative over time. It’s a depressing conclusion, but perhaps it can serve as a call to action for readers who prefer to avoid a Shibuya Incident in real life by adding more positivity to the world.