Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Megumi

Megumi Fushiguro has drawn the hearts of anime fans with a combination of stoicism and reliability that is unmatched in the world of anime. Jujutsu Kaisen. Also noteworthy is that he is in possession of one of the most powerful damn techniques that fans have yet to meet.

There is so much to love about Megumi that fans have already seen and re-watched each of her scenes in the anime. de JJKBut manga readers and dedicated internet detectives know that anime fans have yet to dive into the true depths of Megumi’s power. Although her future is shrouded in darkness, anime fans can celebrate that there is still much more to learn about Megumi Fushiguro.

10 Megumi has only exorcised 60% of the hidden Shikigami in the cursed technique of the ten shadows

In the first season of the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi introduces fans to 6 of the 10 shikigami offered by the Cursed Ten Shadows Technique. The Divine Dogs, Nue, the Great Serpent, the Toad, and the Ultimate Elephant make their debut in the anime in the first season, but if fans are to guess anything from the name given to Megumi’s technique, there are still four more shikigami than Megumi. has to show in combat.

When Megumi finally reveals her most powerful Shikigami in the manga JJK , He explains that in order to summon his shikigami, he first has to exorcise the curses it harbors. That means that Megumi has only tapped into about 60% of the potential that the cursed Ten Shadows technique harbors.

9 Maki and Mai Zenin are Megumi’s twin auntsjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 1

Maki and Mai are only separated from Megumi for a single year at Tokyo Jujutsu High, which may have led some fans to believe that they are her twin cousins. The age difference can be confusing, but Maki and Mai are actually Megumi’s aunts. The Zenin family tree is a mess, and Toji Fushiguro’s decision to abandon the cursed energy and change his last name only complicates matters further. Regardless, Megumi is still lucky enough to have some amazing role models who go by the surname Zenin.

8 Megumi has incredibly high levels of cursed energy and enhanced combat abilitiesjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 2

The complicated and flashy nature of cursed techniques often overshadows the simplest applications of cursed energy. As Sensei Gojo demonstrates in the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen while teaching Yuji the basics of jujutsu, using a cursed technique and applying cursed energy are two different things.

Being the bright young student that Megumi is, she has no problem increasing her strength and speed with cursed energy. Many fans overlook this fact, but it becomes crystal clear when Megumi dodges Noritoshi Kamo’s arrows seeking blood. Megumi’s speed, strength and agility may not be on par with Yuji’s or Todo’s, but they are not negligible either.

7 Satoru Gojo killed Megumi’s fatherjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 3

In fairness to Satoru Gojo, it was Touji Fushiguro who set out to kill the strongest sorcerer in jujutsu. After a grueling couple of days in which he had to dodge cursed spirits and other jujutsu wizards, Gojo was attacked by Toji Fushiguro and nearly defeated by the wizard slayer. If Satoru hadn’t learned to manipulate reverse cursed energy while lying in a pool of her own blood, Megumi’s life would have been completely different.

6 According to Gege Akutami, Megumi likes to readjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 4

The stoic demeanor and confident speech of the young jujutsu sorceress might have led some fans to this conclusion, but few know that Megumi is an avid reader. Gege Akutami used the profile from his first manga volume JJK to list Megumi’s hobbies and habits.

Megumi’s hobby also explains why she is a great student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. His love of non-fiction has surely led him to jujutsu texts that few other students would make time for.

5 “Megumi” roughly translates to blessing or gracejujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 5

To delve into Megumi’s connection to literacy, fans should know that Megumi’s name roughly translates to the words “blessing” or “graceful.” This is an appropriate name for the young jujutsu wizard, considering the fractured world of jujutsu in which he was born.

Before Megumi’s birth, the Zenin, Kamo, and Gojo families only worked together when absolutely necessary and chose to avoid any other families possessing powerful cursed techniques. Megumi, on the other hand, has learned to show grace to her companions and allies, which has led to the reunification of the great houses of jujutsu.

4 Megumi is stronger than Naobito, Nanami, and Makijujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 6

The Shibuya Incident Arc is where Gege Akutami takes all the puzzle pieces from Jujutsu Kaisen and puts them in a blender. During the mess that ensues after Satoru Gojo is sealed off by the prison realm, Megumi has the opportunity to meet a version of her father whose unique purpose is to create carnage.

During Pseudo-Touji’s rampage, “Megumi’s father” chooses to attack the most powerful creatures he comes into contact with. After taking down a special grade cursed spirit in front of Megumi, Nanami, Naobito, and Maki, Touji chooses to attack Megumi next. This technically means that Megumi is more powerful than the three elders who witnessed Toji Fushiguro’s return.

3 Megumi started training with the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer in the first gradejujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 7

Following Satoru’s battle with Touji Fushiguro during Gojo’s past arc, the strongest jujutsu sorcerer made good on his promise to take care of Touji’s son, Megumi. After Touji’s last words, Gojo took it upon himself to help raise Megumi and her sister Tsumiki.

Gojo isn’t known for his exceptional breeding techniques, so he probably wouldn’t think of waiting before starting Megumi’s jujutsu training. Considering Gojo’s fondness for finding and teaching the next generation of powerful jujutsu wizards, it is highly likely that Megumi has been training under Gojo’s command since the day they met.

2 In the manga, Megumi is the current head of the Zenin clanjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 8

Manga readers already know how fundamentally different it has becomeJujutsu Kaisen since the arc of the Shibuya incident, but anime fans will have to wait until the second season to experience this change. After Kenjaku revealed his plan to alter the world of jujutsu and decimate the last generation of jujutsu wizards, Megumi was appointed head of the Zenin Clan after the death of Naobito Zenin.

Naoya Zenin isn’t particularly happy with his father’s decision to bestow the title on Megumi, but after Maki’s rout, fans are unlikely to hear much more from Naoya.

1 The Ten Cursed Shadows Technique Offers Much More Than Ten Shikigami Shadowsjujutsu kaisen 10 cosas que no sabias sobre megumi 9

The moment Megumi drew a cursed weapon from her shadow to aid herself and Maki in their fight with the special grade cursed spirit Hanami, fans were certain that there was much more to the Ten Shadows technique than just a handful of Shikigami. The expansion of Megumi’s domain also shows that the young sorceress is not limited to asking the Shikigami for help in combat.

Megumi is able to navigate freely through her shadow and others. He is also capable of creating shadow clones of himself, which may one day lead him to create more Shikigami when he masters his cursed technique.